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  1. Need Some Advice

    I have a 97 XLT extended cab with TTB DANA 35 if I remember right. But I absolutely hate the front end. I hear that the SOHC 4.0 is crap compared to the OHV and the IFS and the newer rear end is crap compared to the 97. Plus I really like my manual lockouts. What should I do? front 1k conversion...
  2. MAF question

    I'm pretty sure that I know the answer but just to be sure..... the MAF is the same for a 1997 4.0 ohv the same for both an auto and manual trans. I am somewhat sure that it is engine specific and not dependent on the trans as well but want to be sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 97 xlt extended cab factory keyless entry module location

    Does anyone know where it is ? I have the wire in the ignition tumbler for the system and got a fob but am not able to get it to get into programming mode. But my drivers side lock and unlock don't work either. And the passenger side will only lock. I read that this is the RAPS? Module but not...
  4. Need help with oil

    I have a 97 XLT extended cab that i just got and have no clue what weight of oil was used or what type i.e. syn, blend, or conventional that has been used but i do know that it has at least 230k on the odometer but is mileage exempt on the title. i live in southeast Indiana. I know that %w30 is...

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