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  1. 2002 fleetwood fiesta rv

    this thing has been quite the project. my friends grandma sold ot to me for $1k, i have worked on it noe going on 6 years and have put about 10k into it. there really isnt much i havent worked on with this thing. i have learned alot and it really helped me build my confidence. this summer im...
  2. interchanging 2001 mazda3000 cab parts with 01 ranger

    hello, i have an 01 ranger 4wd 4.0 and some of the cab parts with the exception of junk yards are not for sale online. however i did locate diagrams of the 01 mazda 3.0l v6 and compared it to my ranger year and they are extremly similar. anybody now if i can inter change say floor pans or side...
  3. rusty cab unsure if i should repair

    hello, i have a 01 4wd 4.0l ranger with a regular cab. it has 135k on it. the cab is rough and i wanted to see what your thoughts are. im debating if i should fix it or scrap it. i got it for $2500. i did find a rear window leak. the underside pics are the underside of the drivers seating...
  4. interchanging extended vs regular cab parts

    hello, i have a 01 regular cab ranger 4x4 4.0l and was wondering if crossmembers are interchangable between a regular vs extended cab of the same other specs.

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