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  1. Skyjacker Drop Bracket Issue

    I am in middle of installing skyjacker class II 6'' lift on 93 ford ranger 4x4. Confused right now becuase the instructions for Drop Bracket (Driver I Beam) say that there should be three holes in the crossmeber that are not there.....How can I drill the holes at a wonky angle?! or do I need to...
  2. truck leaking oil like crazy

    I have a 93 xlt 4x4 ranger that leaks enough oil that I have to add a quart every month and a half. I am super busy with school right now so I havnt had time to really figure out were the leak is coming from. All I know is that its from the front area of engine. Any common places that usually...
  3. which ball joint do I get?

    I have a 93 ranger, 4x4, xlt and I need to replace lower passenger side ball joint. however I have a dana 28/35 hybrid front axle. I dont know wether I need to get a ball joint for dana 35 or 28.
  4. Terrible gas mileage

    I have a Ranger xlt std cab, 3.0 v6, 4x4 truck that I recently purchased. When it had stock tires it got about 14 mpg which is pretty bad. Then I bought some 31x10.50 mudstars and put them on the truck. I was expecting worse gas mileage but now its really bad. probably like 10-11 mpg. engine has...

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