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  3. Ford78

    Starter wiring

    Got most of the wiring done and just have the starter left I wired it up the same as the 3.0 I had in their, yellow wire with green stripe down to starter solenoid and hot wire to starter. When I hook the batterie up The starter wants to crank the motor over with out turning the key. Can any...
  4. Ford78


    Got my front end together today, I only have about 2in between radiator and engine, was thinking doing a Ford Taurus fan but their about 4 in thick . Here's a pic of the space I have I think I already know what I have to do, cut support and recess the radiator forward but just looking if...
  5. Ford78

    Power steering bracket

    Does any one know if their is a bracket that will bring the pump closer to the block. The pump comes real close to my steering box and will be a pain to route the hoses. Here a pic It would also look a lot better too if it was closer, bracket I have now is from a 84 f150
  6. Ford78

    Block Id

    Was tearing the motor apart today and decided to look up the casting numbers and think I have a 351 instead of a 302. Here a the casting numbers that were on the block- E3AE-6015-BA19 And above those we're- 3J6 From what I could find its a 1983 351W is this correct? Any help in decoding...
  7. Ford78

    Bell housing

    I found a 84 and up bell housing with the external clutch slave on the side of the bell housing and I was wondering if any one has used one and how they hooked it up to the ranger hydraulic clutch or would it be better to go with ZF 5 speed or a 5 speed from a 4.2 f150? If I go with the bell...
  8. Ford78

    Hydographic dipping

    Thinking of doing this to my M4 and wondered if any one else has done it. Found a do it yourself kit and watched it on youtube, it seemed pretty simple to do. Here a link to their website http://www.mydipkit.com/index.html
  9. Ford78

    cant see anyones pics

    since last week i cant seem to see anyones pics that they post on this fourm and other fourms. but only from my phone. i have a samsung galaxy s. my home and work computers all work fine its just my phone. anyone have a idea whats going on?
  10. Ford78

    Offroad event in Iowa

    Found this on graiglist the other day. I Hoping to make if everything works out. Here the link> http://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/pts/3567518536.html
  11. Ford78


    Hoping to get a winch in the next cople of weeks, been thinking about the Rough county 9500, the Smitybilt 8000 lb. or the HF 8000. Their all in about the same price range i was looking at, just want to know what u think of these and what would be the best choice?
  12. Ford78

    Fuel Pumps

    Are the Fuel pumps interchangable between 3.0 fuel pump and the 3.0 flex fuel pump? Theirs a big differnce in price. I have the flex fuel 3.0 and i dont plan on using the e85 any time soon so im just wordering if i could get the standard pump?
  13. Ford78

    Type of fluid

    What is the proper type of tranmission fluid do i need for a 99 ranger with a 3.0 AUTO. Blew a line last night and need to add a little fluid. Did a search and the O Rillys site said Type F and the Advance auto came up as DexIII/mercon . Now which one is it? Thanks
  14. Ford78

    99 Ranger build

    Ford78 SAS 99 Ranger build Finally after 1 year and 8 months, i got my tiltle:yahoo: and able to drive her on the streets. Was really getting pissed but it worked out. Been done with the suspension for about 4 mount now and did a few changes in between and still have to do a few other thing...
  15. Ford78

    Volga, Iowa Truck show/cruise

    A really good buddy of mine puts this on every year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqxOGxvZKy4&feature=player_detailpage It in Volga , Iowa on Aug. 24-26.
  16. Ford78

    Shackle angle

    Just redid my front rear shackle mount, didnt like the last mount that i had. Added alot more beef and gave my shackles more angle. U guys think this is to much or should i make it less, every thing is tacked right now and it does have full weight on the suspension. :icon_welder:
  17. Ford78

    Vss sensor

    Does any one know what year the transfer case has the vss sensors in them?
  18. Ford78


    Does any one know the size fittings that go into the master cylinder on a 99 Ranger. Getting ride of the abs, so i need the size to bypass it.
  19. Ford78

    Steering u-joint

    Just wanting to make sure if this is correct, going to be ordering the steering shaft for my ranger and and want to know if the u joint on the toyota ifs box side is 11/16 36 spline. any help would be greatful, thanks
  20. Ford78

    Sleeving the frame?

    I have the the plate welded up on the frame to mount the steering box, but should i sleeve the frame or willthe 1/4 steel plates be strong enough?

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