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  1. rangerbum

    Extended brake lines

    I have been on the hunt for an affordable alternative to the spendy and unreliable braided extended brake lines. I was able to find a page about extended brake lines(http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/ReplacementBrakeLine_Front.shtml), but found that it was lacking the year, model, or...
  2. rangerbum

    At a stand still in my 4.0 swap. need guidance

    Hello, I've been in the process of swapping a 92/93 explorer 4.0 into my 85 BroncoII for what seems like an eternity. I've got the majority of the work done. Now I'm halted by the wiring because I'm a newb at wiring. I understand I'll have extra connectors left over, but am unsure of exactly...
  3. rangerbum

    I beams in non-Fords

    I think its funny how many desert guys rag on Ford and claim that Ford hasn't ever had an effective design. Then you see how many Chevys, dodges, and toyotas are out there running custom I beam setups. Just funny to think about how much more money they had to invest in their rigs just so they...
  4. rangerbum

    Towing across the country with a 2.3 duratec

    I moved from Montana to Ohio a few years ago. My fiance and I made it a road trip, went from MT to the Oregon coast, down through CA, then over to Ohio. 5500 miles in about a week and a half. Had about 2400 lbs in my trailer, and about 500-700 in the bed. I have a Lima 2.3 so its not the same...
  5. rangerbum

    Blew up the 2.8

    So I took the b2 out into the mountains for the first time since the axle swap. Got close to being back in town when I noticed a big power loss. Oil pressure started dropping. Stopped at the gas station on the edge of town, checked and the oil was low so I bought and added enough to correct the...
  6. rangerbum

    2.8 Distributor, timing screwed up

    Hello guys. 85 BII 2.8 leaker I needed to put in a new TFI, as most 2.8's do. I bought one, went to remove the old one(without removing distributor). Before I started I took a look with a flashlight and a small mirror to check for crud in the holes so I didnt have to fight getting the torx...
  7. rangerbum

    Camber bushing confusion, looking for clarity.

    I finally finished my D35/8.8 swap from an explorer into my BII. The explorer was all original and saggy, the BII lifted around 4". I took it to a locally owned shop this morning(guy supposedly with a lot of Ttb experience) to get an alignment. He took a look and said I need drop brackets...
  8. rangerbum

    8.8 swap in BII, need Flange help!

    I have begun my swap in my b2, putting Ex D35 front, 31 spline 8.8 rear. Its all in, just one problem. Napa told me a week ago that they'd have the Flange I need for the 8.8, and the conversion U joint. Go in today to pick them up, and they have no such thing, and can't get them either. I'm...
  9. rangerbum

    spring perch locating 8.8 swap

    Hello guys, I'm finally sorted and about ready to get my axles put in. A little backstory; I'm putting '92 explorer axles into my '85 BII. Front axle is a piece of cake. I'm not worried about the rear either, but I have been trying to calculate my spring perch locations before I get started...
  10. rangerbum

    Improving departure angle

    My 85 BII is going under the knife soon(d35 and 31 spline 8.8, then eventually rebuilt ohv 4.0 and rebuilt a4ld) and I'm wanting to address another issue thats been bugging me before i hit the trails again. Even with about 4" of lift I find myself slamming down on my fuel tank skid plate...
  11. rangerbum

    Blinker ticks like bulb is blown, it isnt.

    I need some help here. My 97 ranger has a very annoying issue with the turn signal. The left one works perfect. When i turn on the right hand signal it only works properly about half the time. It ticks and flashes on the dash very fast, but i know 100% the bulb is good. Ive had the issue for...
  12. rangerbum

    8.8 swap perch placement

    Hey guys, I'm about to swap a 92 explorer 8.8 rear into my 85 BII. I'm wondering, the tech library says the bII's rear axle is 1 and 5/8 inch wider than ranger on one side. When i weld new spring perches on the top should i put them directly in line with the ex perches or will that leave me with...
  13. rangerbum

    Driveshaft slipyoke compatability?

    Hey, i was wheeling and ended up snapping an ear off my slip yoke on my rear driveshaft on my 85 b2 (double cardan style shaft). I have a 92 explorer for parts, i know the whole shaft is too long, but i could just swap yokes if they match. Are the splines the same size? U joints?
  14. rangerbum

    Factory hook points?

    I'm doing a 4.0 swap from a 91 explorer into my 85 b2. I've got my new motor unbolted from the donor and electrical plugs are all undone, but it doesn't have any hooks to lift it out by. I just need to know where the factory lifting points are so I can yank this baby out.
  15. rangerbum

    4.0 coming soon. fuel tank ??

    I've searched quite a bit, I know what I need to do to complete the swap from my 85 2.8 to a 91 4.0. I should be picking up the donor explorer soon. my question is about the fuel tanks, I know I need a high pressure pump for efi like those found on 2.9s. I can't find any info about explorer...
  16. rangerbum

    Quiet my 2.3 down

    My old turbo muffler rotted itself to death and fell apart the other day. Not a big deal, I bought it used 2 or 3 years ago for 20 bucks, and it never sounded awesome, but wasnt bad. The truck is a 97 2.3 5 speed, port matched upper and lower intake, no intake baffle, and ported header...
  17. rangerbum

    M5OD making alot of noise after replacing clutch

    A couple of weeks ago I replaced my clutch with a new one from Perfection clutch. The swap went smoothly, all went as it should have. But now afterwards, I have noise coming from second and fourth gear. The clutch itself doesn't have any chatter or unusual sound, and engages perfectly as it...
  18. rangerbum

    Swapped gauge cluster, now temp gauge doesn't work.

    I have searched the last couple days and haven't found the solution, but As the title states, I just swapped my cluster(from tachless to a tach equipped cluster) and the temp gauge doesn't work with the new one in. I personally pulled the new one from the jy, it was the same year truck, with...
  19. rangerbum

    The prick previous owner thread.

    Hey guys, I've been tinkering as always, and realised something dumb. Every rig I've ever bought had at least one thing that made me want to hit the previous owner in the nads. My ranger back when I got it had 4 different brands of spark plug wires, none of them specific to rangers, and all...
  20. rangerbum

    Life is a wild ride!

    Man, life is a wild ride. So much changes so fast. I have changed my degree.... Again, and I want to do so much. I am in all my classes to work toward a Welding and inspection technology degree, accompanied with auto-cad, and every other relevant cert I can get. My great friend Jeremy Holder is...

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