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  1. Re-Introduction

    It's been a long long time since I've been on here. Living out in the northern mojave desert in Ca. Love my ranger xlt. It's now 22 years old and 125,000 miles and still runs great...when it starts. I have to pull the starter this weekend and either replace it or the solenoid. 1st time it...
  2. Occasional Cold Start Problem

    History. 1992 2.3 XLT The only work ever on the engine was normal servicing. No part has ever failed. For the last few years during cold mornings the engine would crank over and "partially" start. Meaning running poorly. I'd shut it off and then it would start immediately and run great all...
  3. A Bunch of Nut Cases

    What a bunch of nut cases we are. We take (some of us at least) rusted, beatup, worn out, way past their prime Rangers and what do we do? Replace frames, cabs, beds, patch modify and otherwise keep our little trucks that have little monetary value going and going and going. I'm not sure which...
  4. Dual Exhaust on a 2.3

    Has anyone used this exhaust from LMC on a 2.3? Does it sound like crap? I don't need or expect performance gain but like the look of duals.
  5. Different A/C problem

    I turn on the a/c and can hear the clutch engage. It does not cycle on and off, engaged all the time. Air is barely cool. The pipes to the evaporator are warm. I always thought if the charge was low the clutch would cycle on and off but it does not. I have not connected gages to see what...
  6. This expains everything...

    The year is 1947 Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, a little over 60 years ago, witnesses claim that an unidentified flying object (UFO) with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell , New Mexico . This is a well known incident that many say has...
  7. 92 wheel center hole dimension

    Yea I know I can measure but thought you all may know already. I have a 92 4x2 ranger. I wanted to know what the center hole diameter is because I can get some 67-68 Shelby 10 spoke aluminum wheels cheap. I also cannot find the info for the Shelby wheels either. The Shelby wheels are repops...
  8. Alway wanted power windows

    If you always wanted power windows here's the fix. Not one of those kits where you have to do wiring. Simple and easy. It's demo'd here on a GM but should work as well on a Ford.
  9. 4-cylinder MPG question

    With his driving style I believe it. The DOHC 2.3s are great. I've seen 28 in my 92, never 30 and around town is 21-23. My wife complains about my "old man" driving style. My rear end is the 3.45:1 gear.
  10. My Ranger anniversary

    Sunday the 24th is my 19th anniversary with my Ranger. 24 April 1992 it came home. I bought it with 8 miles on it (after the test ride). It's birthday is also in April but I don't know the day.:icon_cheers: 6006.84 miles per year.:beer: Fixes over the years: Clean out the crap from the oil...
  11. Bronco II rear side windows

    It seems to be stuck in my memory but wasn't there an option on the IIs to where the rear side windows were hinged and could be opened? I've never seen one but that's stuck in my memory for some reason.:icon_confused: Does anyone here have that on theirs?
  12. tweed

    My opinion is that you should do exactly what you like. I installed seat covers in tweed and the door cards and headliner are "fake" swede.
  13. Ranger commercial in Argentina

  14. 800 dollar paint job

    Another roller job. But all materials cost me $170.
  15. You've had your truck too long when...

    I've had my truck since new. How can you tell when you've had it too long? 1. Painted twice. 2. Rebuilt a/c twice. 3. Third set of tires and they are almost worn out. 4. Second set of brakes almost gone. 5. Second set of shocks worn out. I've never kept any vehicle for 18 years. I guess...
  16. New Paint

    I did a new paint job on the Ranger. My avatar is the original before 40% of the paint peeled off. I painted it with a roller. I just need to buff it out in a couple of weeks. http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/5467/sany0357o.jpg http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/448/sany0355.jpg...
  17. Manual Transmission leak

    This procedure worked like a champ. Easy to do. I removed the shift boot, and the inner boot and pulled the plugs, cleaned the area and reinstalled all throught the shifter hole. I spent about 20 minutes total. No more leak. I used the red permatex gasket maker in a tube. Followed the...
  18. Got Bored last week.

    Sandpaper, tape and paint $35. Satin finish easy to repair and maintain. Thanks to Krylon.:icon_twisted: Before: After:
  19. Rough Idle with A/C on

    FYI. In case this hasn't been answered before. I've had a rough idle with the a/c on to the point that the engine almost would stall. As routine maintenance every year I normally clean the MAF and throttle body. This year I removed the throttle body to clean on my 92 2.3. It was pretty...
  20. Best mpg

    I need a new truck. My 92 2.3 gets 21-24 in town depending on a/c use and the absolute best on the highway with a/c running was 28.

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