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  1. Play in center position of steering wheel

    I've already adjusted the worm gear on the steering box about as tight as I dare. When I move the steering wheel with the hood up I see the steering shaft move about a quarter inch in either direction before it seems to engage the steering box. Is there a worn out bearing somewhere that would...
  2. Question about electronic part of the VSS on a '94 B-Series

    My question is that do you actually need the electronic part if you have a manual transmission? The speedometer is cable driven so are there any instruments that require the connector there in the tailshaft of the transmission?
  3. Mazda B-Series to Ford Ranger Transformation

    If anyone is interested, I made a video series about taking my 1994 Mazda B3000 and making it look like a 1993-1997 Ford Ranger. It involved swapping the fenders, grill, bumper, header panel(where the headlights go) and hood. All the parts are different colors so now the truck looks ugly as...
  4. Various parts for free

    I've got a pair of interior door panels from a '94 Mazda B3000. They are worn but not cracked. Passenger panel has most of it's mounting clips, driver panel is missing most. Pair of power mirrors from same truck. They again are used but work. Wire joining of some form will be required to...
  5. 1997 Explorer seats into 1994 B3000

    I'm halfway through this swap. Anyone interested in me making a quick how to for this?
  6. Door Panel Compatibilty Question

    I'm looking at a set of '95-01 door panels to replace mine which are at the end of their useful life. I'm reasonably certain they will fit in a 1994, wanted to know if anyone has done this swap before and if I'll need to do any cutting or shaping. I have power windows and locks as well...
  7. Steering Shaft Question

    On my '94 the Intermediate Steering Shaft that runs between the rag joints can collapse quite a bit when it's not bolted to anything. When you collapse it, there is zero resistance. Is that normal? Was this shaft supposed to be some kind of shock and now it's totally worn out?
  8. Brake pedal firmness issue

    I'm having an issue where the pedal travel is a bit long when the brakes are cold. The pedal does get firm at the end of the travel and stop the truck, but there is quite a bit of travel until that happens. Once the brakes warm up, the pedal travel is much shorter and the brakes are much more...
  9. V8 Swap Thread - 1994 B3000 "Victoria"

    As the title says, I'd like to document this attempt at a V8 swap. It's my first time doing a swap where the engine wasn't designed to fit in the vehicle and I approach this with a certain amount of trepidation. However I still want to share this project with all of you warts and all until...
  10. Body Mount Placement

    I have the duff tuff body mount replacement kit and I am a bit embarrassed to say... which mount goes where? The kit comes with 6 mounts of three general shapes: A really fat mount, and slighly skinnier mount and a tall skinny mount. I've removed one of my old rad support mounts and I can't...
  11. Rebuilding E-Brake after Mustang Rear Disc Conversion

    So I've put in quite a few spacers after doing the conversion and I still have no e-brake. I've determined my 176k e-brakes cables are stretched too much so I'm going to buy new cables and solve the problem that way. My question is, is there a cable I can buy that will work with no spacers or...
  12. For Sale Set of 14in OEM rims for 1994 Mazda B3000 plus a full size spare with new tire

    As described above. Rims are in decent shape and the spare is an old steel rim. Tire on the spare is brand new, never used. These are OEM rims so they will fit in your truck with 0 offset and won't stick out. I'll ship if you are willing to pay for shipping. Otherwise, local pickup only...
  13. For Sale 5 14 inch rims with matching tires

    4 of the rims are OEM stock and the tires are matched and still have plenty of tread life left. The 5th rim is a steel rim of the same size with a brand new never used same sized tire on it. Tire size is P225/70R. I really don't want to ship so pick up only. Make me an offer.
  14. Rear rotors clunking after drum/disc brake conversion

    So I noticed on my test drives after the swap that I was getting clunking. Upon further inspection I identified the rotor is clunking because the rotor holes are a little oversized compared the to lug studs. Normally this isn't a problem as the rotor hat gets compressed by the lug nuts and...
  15. Found! 8.8 rear axle in 4.10 ratio from Ranger (28 spline)

    Looking to upgrade my ability to tow... A 7.5 3.45 axle would be coming out to anyone who would want it.
  16. Installation/Thoughts on Coverlay dashpads

    I did a quick search and didn't see any threads so I thought I would post a quick installation guide and my thoughts after installing a Coverlay dashpad. The part is intended for the use case of a dash in decent condition except for a faded out and cracked top. You purchase a dash cap made of...
  17. Headliner replacement question

    Looking to replace the worn out headliner in my '94 B3000. My question is, will the Ranger extended cab headliners fit my B3000? Most websites I check say no but I've seen where parts are listed as not compatible but they still fit fine.
  18. Mystery console electrical connector

    I noticed this connector hanging down from under the center dash console the other day and I have no clue what it goes to. Anybody have a guess? As far as I can tell all my controls and such work so I don't think it's a connector that fell off something recently.
  19. 94 3.0 running rich

    Hello all, back again with another question about my B3000. I've been fighting with my truck running rich for several months now. Most of the time the check engine light stays off but it will flash on for 10 seconds or so then turn back off. When I pull codes they are codes like 173/177/188...
  20. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor wiring question

    I'm replacing my ECT with a Motorcraft one but I have to replace the pigtail for it as well due to the original wiring being bad. My question is that the wire colors used on the pigtail don't match the ones coming from the wiring harness. Is there a way to tell which wire I need to soldier to...

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