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  1. Burning oil

    My 1994 4.0L with less than 80,000 miles burns exactly 1 quart of 5w30 Motorcraft oil every 3000 miles. Other than that everything is fine on the entire truck. Should I run a thicker oil? I thought about running 5w40 or 10w40.
  2. How quick can you un-install TTB 1-2in leveling setup.

    How quick can you un-install a TTB 1-2in leveling setup? (Where you just shim the coil) I apologize for this being a simple minded question. I was just wondering if anyone has got this down to a exact science. I'm planing on running small tires in the summer and 31's in the winter and was...
  3. Diesel engine swap candidates.

    With the exception of the 4BT and the Ford Ranger OEM diesel engines, what are the other diesel candidates out there? Is a small CAT diesel in a Ranger unheard of? VW engines?
  4. Cold air intake. Before & after.

    The cold air intake was a success. Approximately 360 degrees of plumbing was removed, the intake has a straight shot to the throttle body. This also eliminated multiple restrictions: hot air valve, deteriorating pre-filter plumbing, intake air muffler, etc. I'm sure the increased filter size...
  5. Forged vs. Cast wheels results.

    I recently purchased a Forged Alcoa wheel as a spare. I decided to weigh the wheels to see if there was any weight difference between a cast aluminum wheel and a forged aluminum wheel of the same size. The wheels used were both OEM Ford Ranger wheels. The cast wheels came from my 1994. The...
  6. Both coil packs fire at what RPM?

    From what I understand both coil packs fire only once the engine reaches a certain RPM. I apologize in advance if I missed this in the tech library. I've been taching it up around 3000 RPM and it seems as though it's helping my engine warm up, I don't know if this is from both plugs firing.
  7. Miss fire problem solved. Finally.

    Hopefully this will help others. The truck has been miss firing since I bought it a year ago. I've done a full tune up, intake cleaner, injector cleaner, among other things. It was a 90 degree vacuum elbow off of what I believe is a emissions device of some nature . It now purrs like a...
  8. What is this?

    I can name every part and tell you what it does on this truck. Besides this...
  9. Winter cover done.

    PM for pictures.
  10. Is SAS possible, while maintaining OEM ride height

    Well I already have a D30HP w/ matching gears. So I guess I have a start. It has the smaller U-Joints & CAD. But I'm ok with that, I'm looking at doing a D30HP or D35TTB as a build up/project with no time frame. I live for this stuff.
  11. Is SAS possible, while maintaining OEM ride height

    What about a D35TTB? 1000 bucks?
  12. Is SAS possible, while maintaining OEM ride height

    My understanding was if I got a Dana 30 I could just build it up. Convert it to locking hubs, put the 4.10s in it, locker, etc. Kind of the route I'll probably end up taking with a D35TTB. I go off road, in fields, fishing, etc. I avoid mud! Mostly I'd use it for snow storms which I can't...
  13. Is SAS possible, while maintaining OEM ride height

    Fuel economy and a D-30 has a nice selection of aftermarket locking difs. The little 2.3 is doing me great on fuel. I'm most likely just going to swap in a D35TTB. I was wondering on a scale of 1-10 how hard this would be. 1 being easy, 10 being impossible. It sounds like a 9. If it was a...
  14. Is SAS possible, while maintaining OEM ride height

    Is a solid axle swap possible, while maintaining a OEM ride height (and rims and tires). Every SAS I've seen seems to lift the truck up several inches, curious if the OEM look is possible.
  15. Rough running engine cured with throttle body cleaning.

    The engine would run rough and have a low idle speed around 500 RPM. It wouldn't do this coasting down the road in idle, only when the truck wasn't moving. So I removed the intake tube to the throttle body and cleaned the throttle plate (both sides) with a hard bristle toothbrush and brake...
  16. Thermostat & Housing

    My housing was leaking coolant, actually seeping because the metal was so thin. So I bought a new housing. With the housing I got a new thermostat(192f). I used a re-usable gasket. Then the engine ran cooler still in operating temperature but barely. Thought it could have been the...
  17. Automatic vs. Manual lock outs.

    Owners of Ford Rangers convert from automatic to manual lock outs like clockwork. I know they aren't reliable like manual lock outs. But is there other reasons? Like alignment? I'm asking because I'm getting ready to rebuild the entire front end. Ball joints, tie rods, brakes, u-joints, etc.
  18. how to make a 4 banger faster?

    A full tune up on anything (assuming high mileage) will show power increase on a chassis dyno. Even if it is 1-10 HP increase. That works in my opinion.
  19. how to make a 4 banger faster?

    No joke. Hyperbole on the power increase? Depends on your views of power, engine efficiency, vehicle speeds, etc.
  20. how to make a 4 banger faster?

    Drop a V12 in it!...nah This made a difference in mine: http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121936 Other things I'm going to do to make mine faster are fluid, filters & tune up with Motorcraft parts and full synthetic oil (Royal Purple or Amsoil). I'm doing a Goodyear...

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