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  1. Bigger power wires

    For those with larger power wires, did you run them under the truck or through the cab. I want to stay away from running any wires along the kick plate as I still wheel my truck and I noticed that that area gets wet from time to time. I don't have "carpet" I have the plastic/rubber liner shit...
  2. Can a 4.6 fit in a 1987 ramger

    anything is possible with a welder and some patience.
  3. Ranger Crew Cab?

    I dont think it is a custom build. The wheels definitely are.
  4. Ranger Crew Cab?

    I'm pretty sure these were available in Europe and maybe Australia. so its most likely an import with some front end changes. The grill looks like it was changed but I do remember seeing the short door crew cabs in Europe.
  5. What is this?

    It looks like it doesn't work anyway. But your phone needs to be charged.
  6. Ranger/Maverick electric truck possible

    So a lot of people seem to just see the impacts and figures of what is happening in the US, I can understand that as I live in Europe so I stay focused on what is happening here. The ranger is a globally sold vehicle and one of the best selling truck in Europe. I am sure we will see a full...
  7. Did you lift your 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4x4?

    Wolf suspension keys, shackles and shocks will fix it.
  8. Higher Mileage Ranger's

    I'm just going to wait for the EV Ranger and hope its not a total POS.
  9. Ranger/Maverick electric truck possible

    I wish that was an issue were I'm at. We don't have A/C systems here. Its seen as an unnecessary thing and extremely non efficient.
  10. Ranger/Maverick electric truck possible

    I was just reading an article about this and came here to see if anyone had started talking about it. I wanted the new ranger but where I live they only sell the diesel and soon it will be basically impossible to drive diesel. I have my hopes on a competitive EV version of the Ranger.
  11. I don't trust my Temperature Gauge?

    Mine does the exact same thing (2008) it just always stays around the 1/4 to 3/8 area no matter how hard i run the truck or what i do it will always stay there. it works but just sucks. i used a bluetoot OBDII reader to watch the numbers and verify the t-stat opened.
  12. Swing case

    I sent an email to swingcase asking if the have anything. I also offered to give the dimensions to see if they have any cross reference cases. Maybe they got something.
  13. Swing case

    Has anyone put one of those swing case boxes in a 2008 body style? I can't seem to find one specific to the truck so I wondered if another truck is similar enough in size to just fit. Maybe a Tacoma or something.
  14. expensive cleaning mistake, plastic intake dissolves.

    Take a page from the BMW world and walnut blast the intake. it will clean the runners and the valves without taking anything off the car. I got my bike intake (post throttle body) walnut blasted when I bought it and it was like new after. i know they have kits to get DIY but i had a local...
  15. rear leaf spring issues

    I have the factory ones. :confused:
  16. rear leaf spring issues

    I messed up and didn't do any measuring before the lift but afterward, I have 36 inches from ground (in all 4 corners) to fender with 245\75R16 I believe it's like a 29-inch tall tire. So between 6 and 7 inches of space between tire and fender, if my maths is correct.
  17. Upgrade from Factory Pioneer Stereo

    I could be mistaken but if you go to a double din you have to permanently modify the plastic piece that holds the radio and all the ac heater controls. So why not just cut the harness and make a good connection, unless you will be installing a single din. It saves some work getting the harness...
  18. rear leaf spring issues

    I have the same issue. I put shackle and keys on my 08 and it seemed like the shackles didnt do anything.
  19. too many amps

    Yall have provided more than enough information to satisfy my question and it shows how well the TRS community is to one another. I actually learned some stuff from something on the internet for once lol. I just ordered the rest of the wire that I needed to set all this stuff up. Has anyone...
  20. too many amps

    Thanks all. This actually gave me a pretty good idea on how to move forward. I only have two shallow 8s for under the seats so I don't think it will give me any issues.

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