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  1. FillMarr

    Using 03 model dome light on 07 ranger

    Hey all, I just swapped my 03 RWD ranger for an 07 4x4 this year. Loving it. One thing I miss is having the dome light switch on the actual light. The roll switch/dimmer near the headlight switch isn't accessible by the passenger. I want to know if there is a way to use an older-style dome...
  2. FillMarr

    Cranks but sometimes doesn’t start

    Hey all, I just did the fuel filter, I have a 2007 ranger 4x4 XLT with 180k on it. Recently sometimes (not always) I have trouble starting it. When I turn the key, it’ll crank always but sometimes “gets caught” or something and it stops cranking. Usually when I turn the key off and try again it...
  3. FillMarr

    Radio: muted when in Drive/Reverse

    Hey all, I’ve done some investigative work here. The radio works only in Park and Neutral, whether or not the truck is on or just the ignition is on. Problem is, the sound gets muted when in Drive, reverse, or in gear. The radio/screen/clock stays on, but sound is muted. I noticed that each of...
  4. FillMarr

    04-05 Grill for my 2007 Ranger?

    Hey all- I love the look of the 04-06 grills. I just replaced my 2003 Ranger with a 2007. The chrome grill is a bit much for me in the 2007. I can't see any reason why the 2007 Ranger Girll wouldn't accept a 2004-2006 style. All seem to have four 5.5mm bolts on top, with 2 clips at the bottom...
  5. FillMarr

    Battery Gauge Fluctations

    Hello! My alternator and battery both died last month, both really old, and I replaced them both with new units from Napa. Not sure if a fluctuating amp gauge needle is always something that has happened, but I’m seeing this needle go up and down a bit when lights, radio, etc, are on with the...
  6. FillMarr

    Terrible Night

    It was supposed to be a great day. I took my clean ranger -- which I just lifted Thursday with doetsch tech 3" spindles -- out for a day trip. I drove 4 hours total, and then ended up breaking down about 5 miles from home. That's not the story. The story is that was a Boston state trooper...
  7. FillMarr

    Lower Ball Joint Loose in Control Arm

    Hey guys, For starters, I already know they sell ball joint replacements with a slightly wider diameter for loose control arm holes, but I want to know how bad it would be to keep things as is for a while. I just replaced my lower ball joints, and I had to press new Moog replacements into...
  8. FillMarr

    Spindles on ebay from "jmxautosports"?

    Quick question, Anyone know anything about these 3" lift spindles from jmxautosports on ebay? "jmxautosports" https://www.ebay.com/itm/253473972553?ul_noapp=true Asking because my choices are either: 1. JMX Autosports 3" lift spindles for $250 2. Fabtech 3" lift spindles for $500+ 3...
  9. FillMarr

    Used 3” spindle lift for ‘03 3.0

    Anyone got a spare of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. FillMarr

    Newb Question About 3.0 injection

    Learning about fuel injection and I can’t find anything about this. I know my 2003 3.0 Vulcan is fuel injected, but is it direct or indirect injection? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. FillMarr

    3-4” lift spindles for coil susp 03 ranger

    Looking for a set of used lift spindles for my 03 ranger xlt 3.0. New pairs are $300, so if they’re I’m OK shape I’d buy used. Thanks! Phil Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. FillMarr

    Pics of 2wd spindle lift LCA grinding

    I’m going to do my ranger front end lift in phases because I have 3 hours to do this in a garage with a lift at a time. Phase 1: loosen and retighten everything so it’s ready to go for install day (tie rod ends, sway bar links, new ball joints). Phase 2, grind. Phase three install...
  13. FillMarr

    Ranger vs 1st gen Colorado (price)

    Hey guys, Saving cash to buy a house but still trying to get 4wd. After poking around on Craigslist and seeing how much money people want for their old 4WD Rangers, I checked out a couple crew cab Colorado’s. When painted green and with decent size tires, they look okay. Anyway, here’s what I...
  14. FillMarr

    Hello from...the other Ranger forums!

    Hello...transferring here from another forum Hey all, I'm driving an '03 2wd 3.0 that i've been tuning up, repainting and getting into tip top shape. My last ranger forum had an issue where google stopped picking it up and so everyone jumped ship. Hoping to find a new loyal home at TRS, which...

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