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  1. Wanted Wanted lift coils,shocks

    Looking for a set of 1.5" or 2" lift coils and shocks for front of my 1987 ranger 4x4. Local to ct would be great, just seeing what's out there
  2. 2.9 pilot bearing

    Mines an 87 with fm145 4x4. I noticed on pilot bearing tech article on this website it says 2.8,2.9, and 4.0 it's installed in flywheel just makin sure
  3. 2.9 pilot bearing

    Just looking for conformation that the pilot bearing does in fact get installed in the flywheel. I just pulled my fm145 that failed due to an inputshaft bearing and there was a pilot bearing in crank shaft and none in the flywheel, flywheel just had that counter bore. Which is now too large a...
  4. Wanted WTB FM145 5 speed 4x4 trans

    I'm in Connecticut I need a fm145 4x4 transmission. For my 87 2.9 ranger. Anyone have a decent one? Thanks
  5. Fm145 question

    Thanks guys. Shran- how long has yours been making noise? I might just get AAA and keep driving it while I gather up the parts. Definitely going to need a trans crossmember as well. The bushings on mine are toast
  6. Fm145 question

    My fm145 started making noise in my 87 ranger 4x4. Changed the fluid, it was down about 3/4 quart. That didn't help much. Did the 2.3 4x4 rangers use same tranny? I found one near me, was thinking I can just swap bellhousing? I imagine the bellhousing is removable, would this work?
  7. Radius arm and axle pivot bushings

    Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Radius arm and axle pivot bushings

    Just finished replacing the radius arm bushings and axle pivot bushings on my 1987 ranger 4x4. I torqued the radius arm bushing nut while the truck was jacked up, my service manual didn't specify on whether to torque it with wheels on the ground. Did I do that wrong? Also had no way of flaring...
  9. Fm145 fluid change

    I have a 87 ranger with the fm145 probably over due for a fluid change and I'd like to replace the pan gasket while I'm at it, having trouble finding a gl4 rated 80w-90 gear oil. Can anyone recommend a gear oil that will not harm the syncros? When I brought the truck to the shop for ball joints...
  10. 2.9 EGR REmoval

    That's what I figured. Nope problem just started swapped ecu awhile back. Should I be plugging that red vacuum line?right now it's still attached to the solenoid. The green line that went to the egr is plugged/capped off. Probably a different vacuum leak or IAC valve I'm thinking. Thanks for the...
  11. 2.9 EGR REmoval

    Adsm08 I'm running a 89 2.9 in my 87. Have a 88 computer in it with egr block off plates and vacuum line plugged. It was running great, now I'm trying to diagnose a rough idle upon cold start, I notice wires to the egr solenoid are chewed up, but I'm not sure if this is a problem since with the...
  12. Help finding a gl4 gear oil for fm146

    Having a hard time finding a gl4 spec in 80w, napa sells a 85w-90 gl4 but might be a little thick? I can also find valvoline 80w-90 but it's gl4,gl5 spec and says limited slip on the bottle? What are you folks running in fm145,fm146 manual transmissions?
  13. Coolant leak at thermostat housing

    Noticed I have a slow coolant leak at the thermostat housing of my 2.9. If I remember correctly there was no gasket just an oring that goes around the t stat? Was looking through my toolbox the other day and found a new paper gasket, should I use that instead of the oring? Also should I go with...
  14. 87 stopped running while driving now no spark?

    My 87 Ranger died on me last week, was driving down the road and it just cut out. Pulled over and tried to start it again, it started after a couple minutes then when I put it in gear and let off the clutch it died again. Got it towed home, checked for spark and it has none but it's getting...
  15. 1989 BII computer

    I replaced my 2.9 a few years ago with a 88 and up 2.9 so it's missing the egr stuff. I've had no real problems so far except it pings under load. Would a computer out of a 1989 Bronco II with a 2.9 be a direct swap? Both my truck and the bronco are 4 wheel drive and 5 speeds, my truck has a/c...
  16. need help finding door hinge pin and bushing kit

    tried rock auto,autozone, advance and some other parts stores and nobody lists a door hinge pin and bushing kit for a 1987 ford ranger. My drivers door is sagging and i'd like to fix it. anybody replace there hinge pins on a early ranger or bronco II and have a part number that will definitely...
  17. 87 ranger coil spring insulators or isolators..

    I have a 1987 ford ranger super cab 4x4. Does anyone know the part number for the coil spring isolators that go under the front coils? Auto parts stores around here have no clue what i'm talking about and say they don't show any available.. Looking for stock rubber replacements or possibly the...
  18. 1987 2.9 egr tube

    When I swapped 2.9's a few years back I chucked the drivers side manifold off my 87 motor and used the manifold off the 89 with the egr block off. So I've been running it with a bypassed egr, I want to reinstall the egr because I saved most of the parts and it should help my gas mileage a...
  19. coolant flush questions

    So I was testing my coolant for freeze and boiling point, and noticed it was brown. Had to do a ect and new tstat so figured now would be a good time to flush. Couldn't locate the coolant plugs on each side of the block so I went ahead and put the new tstat on was just going to flush the system...
  20. 1987 2.9 engine pictures needed

    I swapped motors awhile back and for some reason or another I didn't put the egr valve on my new motor because it had a block off plate on the intake and exhaust manifold. Truck ran fine for a long period of time, until I just fixed a exhaust leak before the catalytic converters. Now it runs...

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