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  1. Alternator Gauge Fluctuates Wildly on Cold Mornings

    It settles down after about a minute of running. I can see the headlights flickering during this time. Its OK for the rest of the day. Cold, around here, is in the 30 degree range. Is this a regulator or brush problem. I must mention that this is an Oreilly's alternator that was purchased about...
  2. Firewall Cracked @ Master Cylinder!

    You should pull the fenders loose and check your cowl drains. There's a little flapper door that helps the cowl to clog up. Best to pull that off and throw them away.
  3. Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    Thanks. The plus side of using a 2x4 across the roof is that you can sit inside the truck and the door moves with the truck, taking away the floppy risk. The downside is you might dent the roof. Maybe build an A-frame around the door?
  4. Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    What is the best way to do this on a '94? Planning to do the top one first. I will be doing this by myself. What is the best way to support the door? I saw one video where the guy supported the door via a strap to the ceiling. I was thinking about using a 2x4 piece of lumber across the top of...
  5. 3.0 hard starting, no power

    I bet your timing chain has jumped a cog. If it jumps again, it will not start.
  6. 2000 Ford Ranger XLT battery parasitic drain issue.

    What keeps the gauges from going to zero when the truck is switched off. Is that power coming from the GEM too? Thanks.
  7. Loss of power around 3600 rpm

    Mine was doing something like that and it turned out to be a bad distributor rotor.
  8. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Thanks Ron. I didn't know that. So what do you think about those DOHC 3.0's used in the Escape. Are they as bad as they say? Thanks.
  9. Fuel Gauge Calibration

    I was always afraid that the gauge would burn out if it was pegged past "F". But fortunately, that didn't happen.
  10. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Now, why do they have an anti-slosh module in the first place? None of my other (older) vehicles had one. The only reason I keep this truck is because it doesn't have to pass emissions anymore. When the catalytic converter became a dog-alytic converter, (it was dogging the engine down), I...
  11. fuel pump problems

    I think I'd pull the fuel filter first. See what you've got there. See if its clogged with jelly. Fourteen years is a long time. That's also a convenient point to blow out your fuel lines with compressed air. If you plan to pull off your bed, I'd start spraying the bolts (from underneath). It...
  12. fuel pump problems

    If the fuel was very red, then mostly thats rust from your metal tank. Ethanol separates and forms water. My Gremlin had a metal tank. That's why new tanks are plastic. Most likely the pickup screen is clogged with jelly. And you fuel lines are clogged with jelly too. Check the fuel filter for...
  13. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    I didn't have to remove the cluster. Not sure about other rangers. After removing the 4 screws holding the cluster, I was able to pull it out about 1 inch. Then tilting the cluster to the right, its accessible right there on the left side between the cluster and the dash.
  14. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Thanks. I was told that OBD2 did it in software.I'm planning to bypass mine with the jumper. Its been a year since this started and fortunately I've never run out of gas, re-fueling by odometer.
  15. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Here's a thread on this: https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/threads/fuel-gage-issues.319465/ Seems to be the Anti-Slosh module after all for Casperthealien (post #9). Thats a hard part to find considering they only used them on OBD1.
  16. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Thanks Ron. The green stuff is nearest to the black lead for the fuel pump motor. I put 12V on the old fuel pump motor and it did nothing. So it was definitely bad. The gold on the pins looked good. Corrosion on the rheostat lead makes sense. Here's what it does: Jump in truck key on engine...
  17. Anti-Slosh Module Gone Bonkers

    Finally changed the fuel pump assy. Had to, as the fuel pump finally died. That was a project for one guy pulling that bed back. But I didn't have to remove the bumper or tires. Used the 4x4 trick one guy used in a Youtube video. BUT the fuel gauge is still a little wonky. I bought the Oreilly's...
  18. I just bought my ranger, but No parking / e-brake... Yikes!!

    I have a friend with an Excursion (automatic, diesel). One night at about 2AM it decided to jump out of park, roll down his driveway into the highway and come to rest against the curb. Another vehicle barely missed it but careened into a pole. The driver sued and won $14K. Not sure if Ford payed...
  19. What Causes This?

    Thanks guys. That check valve is a $5 part. I thought that it was just a right angle connector. I'll pick one up in the morning.
  20. What Causes This?

    Was parking on a hill( about 10 to 15 degrees). As soon as I switched off the ignition, the brake pedal went hard and the truck began to roll backward. I immediately disengaged the clutch pedal to stop the rolling. Is this a bad master cylinder, bad brake booster, or vacuum problem elsewhere? It...

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