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  1. AngryLepercon

    Parts swap 99 to 95

    Talking to a coworker he stated he already called the junkyard to pick up his 95 2.3l 2wd auto extended cab short bed truck and they offered him $300 I went over his place to look at it. Mechanically sound but interior is shot, ignition is shot (starts with a screwdriver) doors are shot, bed...
  2. AngryLepercon

    Fabrication Art

    I got bored at the desk today so I moseyed over to the shop and grabbed some junk washers, nuts, and bolts and made a mascot for my office. Anybody have any art of their own?
  3. AngryLepercon

    Work Boots....

    I am in need of a good pair of boots. I have had red wings and either the quality has gone to hell or I am hard on boots. On my 3rd replacement this year and they will not replace this pair that is falling apart. I have guidelines to follow as well which are: (must have) - metatarsal guard -...
  4. AngryLepercon

    I need help finding this.

    Nobody in Maryland has one. There is only one Steyr dealer as well and they have not and will not see them. I am looking for a Steyr AUG A3. Not looking for a MSAR clone of the AUG. This is what i am looking for I have looked gun broker and such but im not paying what they are asking. 1k...
  5. AngryLepercon

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Sarcasm meets Truth. I like it.
  6. AngryLepercon

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Every time I have a bad day I read this thread. Cheers me right up. Also THORNBIRDS FTW!!!!!!
  7. AngryLepercon

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Now that's funny. Ranks with the guy telling the cobra owner to flush the engine with water. Sad thing is he believed it.
  8. AngryLepercon

    Some questions

    So this is all new to me. I never worked on my own cars till now cause I just don't trust the stealerships anymore. I needed a vacation from work so I took off today and I'm going to work on the ranger. 99 4.0ohv. It has problems. I'm going to be doing a compression check but reading the forums...
  9. AngryLepercon

    Mka 1919

    Imported from Turkey. 12 gauge. 2 3/4 and 3 inch. 5 round magazine.
  10. AngryLepercon

    4.0 woes

    Bought a 99 xlt 4.0l that needed work. Put heads on it because had a misfire in cylinders 3 and 5. Turns out gasket blown and heads were cracked. Ran fine for 2 years. Started to idle rough like really rough again and loss of power. CEL came on and a week later started flashing pulled codes for...
  11. AngryLepercon

    Oil Pressure?

    So leaving work today I started my truck to let it warm up and noticed a awful knock in the motor. Got in it and noticed my check gauge light was on and it was my oil pressure gauge was reading zero then it jumped back to normal and it did this randomly and a lot. I take it to the shop that I...
  12. AngryLepercon

    Opinions Needed

    So today after a long day of rodding and stringing in the city manholes we get a call from the owner saying we are not getting our checks until Tuesday because the funds are not there. We were contracted out to run a 24-way of 4 inch pipe about 1000 feet. Top 16 of the 24 way turned off and...
  13. AngryLepercon

    Looking for a Decoration

    Im looking for This Its the only one I have found but its a little out of my price range. anybody know where I should look online.
  14. AngryLepercon

    Mafia Wars....Kinda

    So I have been hooked on this "text based" game. Kinda like Mafia Wars on Facebook. It was just released this month and we need more players. It's free. Check it out. If ya do sign up I will send ya a helpful item or 2 to get ya started and help with any questions you may have. Linky
  15. AngryLepercon

    Opinion on buying a 09 Fx4

    Ok so here is my problem. I have a 99 Ranger 4x4 right now. its a very nice truck BUT. I just put a tranny in it (1,900) and 4x4 computer (800) and now a head gasket dumping coolant into cylinder #3. I was quoted 700 to get the gasket replaced. The truck is just pennying me to death. The good. I...
  16. AngryLepercon

    O/D Light

    Over drive light is off drive it for 10 min or so the O/D light starts flashing. added fluid old fluid was dark. Have not changed the filter. Also when the truck is started up there is not problems once shifted to drive/reverse there is a rattle from under the truck. Could this be a...
  17. AngryLepercon

    Disney 08

  18. AngryLepercon


    Ok just driving down the road this morning and i let off the gas and coast down a hill going up the other side and hit the gas the truck just starts shaking I let off the gas, it goes away. Get on the gas again it starts shaking really bad. I got within 25 feet of my driveway and bang the...
  19. AngryLepercon

    Suspension Idea

    Ok this just came to me I think it would work. Here is the deal find to tractor front axles and put them on your Ranger. You would have great articulation with the center pivot point ( kinda like solid axle) put bump stops on the frame to keep it from going to far. The axles should...
  20. AngryLepercon

    Enlighten Me

    [/IMG] What is that part in the circle called?

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