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  1. 2.8 vs 2.9 flywheel and clutch

    Need to confirm that the flywheels are the same... also from my readings the clutches are 1/16th" difference and the 2.9 should have slightly more holding power? Lastly are the flywheel bolts into the crank the same in a 2.8 vs 2.9?
  2. Been a long while

    I have been a member here forever it feels, since around 1998, but I don't own an RBV anymore, so havent been on. Just wanted to drop in and say this is still, if not the most, close to the most well put together and organized forums out there..:icon_thumby:
  3. 3.0 Low compression cylinder 6

    Hey guys need a confirmation on what I think is going on. I have a 2008 Ranger 3.0 with a cyl 6 missfire. I have only about 40 lbs of compression in #5 150 in all others. Did a cylinder leakdown test and has no leakdown. I am thinking something is wrong with the cam, but on a roller cam...
  4. Been a while

    Howdy fellas, and ladies. It's been a while since I got on here, lifes been busy. After almost 9 yrs without a 4 wheel drive I do have one now, but not my beloved RBV's. I have since done a bit of work to it since both pics, but nothing cosmetic. 2" lift 265-75-16 Fierce M/T's I have a ford...
  5. I am now, a Traitor

    I have now bought a Heep.... I got a 1995 Cherokee 4x4 4.0 5spd, manual everything for $175. First 4x4 thats driveable in about a decade.
  6. Patriotic; I didn't know this part

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9_bP219ehQ&feature=pyv&ad=5593809645&kw=christian&gclid=CPfuq_Dt16MCFcW77QodQ0JoFg why isnt this still in our star spangled banner??? if only he knew http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZBTyTWOZCM
  7. 1989 Corolla Engine swap

    Ok guys, my old 89 corolla is starting to have carb issues, I cannot find anything on swapping on a weber, nor can I find anything about swapping a newer drivetrain in from an OBD2 vehicle. I would rather swap in an OBD2 because of ease of diagnosis if I go an engine swap route, any ideas are...
  8. This person should not be allowed

    To breed, or at leat be made to have some kind of sense before he does http://gainesville.craigslist.org/cto/1866638559.html
  9. need some ideas for a truck

    I am thinking on putting a transmission in an acquired van me and my dad got, in turn maybe scoring his 87 B2 4x4 auto. If I did this the poor ol 2.9 is old an tired with a known cracked head or two, what would you do to make it a capable trail rig without too much cash in it, I know a 4.0 and...
  10. SBF Balancer

    I have a 1995 model 302, summit is telling me I need a 28 oz balancer, I could have sworn it's 50 on the newer models, google isn't turning up a lot for me.
  11. 302 water pump dilemma

    Ok guys, I am in an argument. I do believe I can take the 1995 HO 5.0 water pump off and get a truck water pump with the threads for a fan clutch, and the pulley so I can run a fan clutch in my 81 F-100 it is going into, a buddy of mine says no, any help appreciated thanks.
  12. Used oil for fuel

    Guys, has anyone heard of or seen someone run a diesel on used oil? I mean used engine oil, used gear oil. I have means of filtering it really well, and also have plenty of it, we fill up a 270 gallon drum a month....
  13. D50 under F-100

    I am looking at putting a dana 50 TTB under my 81 F-100. I read in the tech section that it bolts up slightly different, can any one explain this, or do you know if it will slide right under my truck?
  14. drag suspension

    I once read that a good tuned leaf spring will outrun a badly setup 3 or 4 link. So my question is, with a 351 C setup, in a street ruck, I will want it low, what to use for leafs, or how to set up the leafs to hold onto around 450 rwhp. If no one thinks leafs will do it, how do you even begine...
  15. Downs and ups to 4 or 671

    I am looking at saving up to put a blower on top of my cleveland in either and 01 or 05 ranger or my 81 f-100 any one got anything to suggest or down sides?
  16. 01 or 05 351C

    I will be getting an 05 or 01 ranger 3.0 auto 2wd for free soon. I have a 351C that I want to go into it and make it a nasty street truck. I have both an AOD and C-4, will probably use the AOD. I have austrailian 2bbl heads, the engine is not built yet. I know I will have to buyu a set of...
  17. I hate being in debt!!!

    I have an 81 F-100 I want to make into a 4wd, but due to the fact I am in debt, although I am inching my way out all I have left is my student loan... I have found this I could get a wrecker to get it for a couple hundred http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/pts/1610999659.html :drool::bawling:
  18. Oil thread, I know it's a dead horse

    I tried Bob Is The Oil Guy, and got no response. My 89 toyota corolla 1.6 DOHC auto trans 222500 miles, main driving is highway 60 mph, light traffic. I have been using Pennzoil High Mileage 10W30. My OCI has been 4K miles, and it uses 1 Qt between, and has been returning great UOA's with TBN...
  19. Another King pin Q?

    I couldn't find my old thread, but can I swap in newer I beams from lets say 90's with better brakes and ball joints that's alignable under my 81 with king pin I beams?
  20. Leveling a king pin I beam

    I do alignments everyday, am a service tech, but have never had to try to align an older king pin I beam ford. Now i have one and want to level it... any ideas? Only wanna go one inch in front....

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