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  1. Help with 99 Ranger Diagnosis....

    In the last 2 years i have had the misfortune of having 3 different vehicles doing very similar things to what you describe. All 3 were bad u-joints.
  2. Back again with another leak…

    Throw it in the garbage.
  3. Good deals on ranger stuff...

    All kinds if good stuff here.
  4. Rough idle and no codes. Need advice!

    $3500? You should be able to get the heads done for under $2000.
  5. Will Mustang wheels fit?

    I have 01 5 spoke 16" mustang wheels on my 97 & they fit fine, no rubbing at all. They have 245/50 tires on them.
  6. 2000 3.0 Heads, again........

    Did you have new hardened seats put in the heads last time?
  7. 3.0L Vulcan Transplant - Computer Help Needed!

    Well wtf happened to the guy who disabled the pats for free?
  8. E-fan Swap Question 1993 3.0 4x4 Splash

    I can tell you that flex a lite makes a quality fan. They aren't cheap but they last. Ive had this one for at least 20 yrs. I ran it on my 86 mustang for about 10 - 12 yrs, an 89 caprice for about 5 yrs & now its on the ranger.
  9. E-fan Swap Question 1993 3.0 4x4 Splash

    Not sure if you can see it very well...
  10. E-fan Swap Question 1993 3.0 4x4 Splash

    I built my own simple e-fan set up. I bought a flex a lite black magic fan years ago & used it on another car that i sold, but kept the fan. I used a thermostat control switch from ebay, comes with everything needed. Relays, wiring & dial type thermostat. Install was simple too. Mounted it on...
  11. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    Probably wouldn't take as much as you think with an sho. Twin turbos, probably some custom ground cams and the supporting hardware.
  12. 94' 3.0 Valve Lifters Major Failure, ADVICE NEEDED

    The cam bolt he is referring to would hold the timing gear onto the cam, along with a dowl pin. The camshaft retainer is UNDER the cam gear, preventing the cam from walking back & forth. If the cam gear bolt came out, the timing chain would likely come off & the engine would die immediately. Not...
  13. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    DOHC 24 valve 220 hp @ 6200. 7000 rpm limit.
  14. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    I know they respond well to mods. Ive done an E-fan, exhaust, & ported the maf meter & put in a k&n filter. Its much peppier than it was before, i can actually accelerate & merge into traffic without getting kilt. Lol. I have a ported upper/lower intake from an '02, 1.8 rockers, and underdrive...
  15. SOLD! Last chance! Sway bar kit

    After some research it looks like the front bar won't fit a 97 or older. The mounting point for the end links is wrong.
  16. SOLD! Last chance! Sway bar kit

    I know the rear will fit, but will the front fit a 97 2wd?
  17. Want to Upgrade 2000 Ranger to Much Brighter Headlights, Any Recommendations?

    There is less resistance in 12 ga wire than in 10 ga wire. Just saying. 12 ga wire will carry plenty of power to run the lights.The isolated ground is probably helping more than anything. 55 watts is only about 4 amps, so 12 or 14 ga wire will carry it easily.
  18. 97 Ranger Fog Lights Keep Burning Up

    With the temp a halogen bulb reaches, any water will likely shatter them instantly. I would try led bulbs, just because they don't have a filament to break. But yes i would definitely fix the water issue first...
  19. Good deals on ranger stuff...

    I thought i would start a thread on good deals for ranger parts, as prices for everything are going up...first one is k&n gold oil filter for 94-2000? 3.0l. For $6.44!

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