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  1. 86 slo-vo

    Happy fathers day....

    To the TRS dads. any swinging dick can be a dad, it takes a man to be a father. Have a good one. And everybody else go see your old man, he'd probably appreciate it.
  2. 86 slo-vo

    Revs high between gears. (3500-4000rpm)

    It's a 94 3.0 5 speed 4x4. I changed the iac without much luck. What do you guys think it is? I shot a quick video to give you an idea of what it's doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH998x8BsU4
  3. 86 slo-vo

    Picked up a new head unit today.

    Was bidding on it last night and it went for more then I was willing to pay, but this afternoon I got a second chance offer on it. For $150 I think I did pretty good. It's an alpine x305s. I don't even own a CD anymore so I think it will suit me fine. I'm not much on the looks but from all...
  4. 86 slo-vo

    ford escape. anybody have one?

    looking at one for the wife, its an 01-02 4x4 3.0 v6 with some high miles but its cheap. just wondering if anybody had any issues with higher mileage escapes.
  5. 86 slo-vo

    alpine cda-105?

    i used to have an alpine cda-9856. i loved it and wanted another, but unfortunanly i missed a killer deal on one on ebey because i had no service :annoyed: so i got to looking at some of their newer models and saw the cda-105. anybody running one?
  6. 86 slo-vo

    project family wheeler. chop top 1 ton explorer.

    well i guess its time to start a new thread for the explorer, the ranger will be gone next weekend. im starting with a 94 explorer currently: 4.0 a4ld 1354 warn winch bumper and not much else, its been sitting on jackstands for several months now. after buying it down in florida i drove it...
  7. 86 slo-vo

    turkey bay trip, june 10-12.

    was a great trip, was a bit warm but wasnt too bad. alot of carnage, including a flop but i didnt get any pictures because i left my camera in the truck when i went running down the hill. Bray D. was good to finally meet you man, hope we can do it again. i took about 200 pictures all...
  8. 86 slo-vo

    1 ton sas soon, need advice.

    ok i picked up a 60 last week, 02 unit bearing balljoint axle. im still trying to decide what i want to do for front suspension, leaves will be easy but i like the idea of coils or air shocks. my problem when it comes to links is that the driver side tube only shows about one inch. its going...
  9. 86 slo-vo

    best place for rockers and pushrods?

    thinking about fixing the ole tick...where's the best prices? rockauto was still pretty steep at $15 a piece for rockers
  10. 86 slo-vo

    i think i like it..

    kind of out there, but still pretty slick
  11. 86 slo-vo

    where to put it...

    thinking about changing my whip setup, i like where it is now because its out of the way but its far from ideal and it bounces off the tubes... where would you cb experts put it? also whats a recomended whip? ive always ran firestiks but i kind of like the stainless whip i have now
  12. 86 slo-vo

    firefox 4....

    anybody else tried it yet? downloaded it tonight...much faster the 3.6 whatever it was... a couple add ons and changing some stuff around and im happy with it
  13. 86 slo-vo

    dirty turtle april 23rd...

    im planning on going that weekend with some of the crew a little farther up north... i know greg and john said they might be in. anybody else?
  14. 86 slo-vo

    sigh...what is wrong with people....

  15. 86 slo-vo


  16. 86 slo-vo

    the new f150 eco-boost...torture test video's

    its pretty cool to watch, looks like its going to be a hard to beat setup... http://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/experiencef150/ and the teardown video's are on youtube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG6xZ3e4_pI&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL...
  17. 86 slo-vo

    trying to get the ball rolling on a truckbed trailer...

    ive been dreaming this thing up since i sold my old 1964 15ft camper, that thing way way too heavy to tow behind the ranger which pretty much did me no good having since thats what i wanted it for. and i got to thinking about it, since i have the bed off my ranger laying out back i might as...
  18. 86 slo-vo

    8.8 problem...

    alright when it comes to setting up gears in such im in the dark...seen it done a hundred times but never got into it enough to pay attention... ive been noticing some funky shit going on in the axles since i swapped it in, it was already setup with the 4.10's and detroit when i got it...never...
  19. 86 slo-vo

    me the woman and the ranger...

    had to do engagement pictures so after we did the nice dressed up ones the woman suprised me with taking some with the ranger at my favorite spot... these are only some of them but i think they turned out good
  20. 86 slo-vo

    spring badlands trip....

    a few of us talked about it in someones thread....who's down for making the trip?

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