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  1. Twizzler09

    Old Timer making a return

    Hey there everyone. Been many a year since I logged in here, so just thought I'd drop a line and say hello before posting elsewhere. So, hello! Long time ranger enthusiast, much to my family's dismay. They're largely Chevy folk. Army vet and full time security officer. Haven't owned an RBV for...
  2. Twizzler09

    rethread an aluminum oil pan?

    So I just got back into the RBV crowd today....wood woot! Got a 91 explorer with the M5OD in it :D Anyway, I just did an oil change on it and it looks like someone tried to put a heli-coil (sp) in the drain plug. I put the plug back in after the change and its not in all the way but its tight...
  3. Twizzler09

    The new Buck-Fifty

    Pretty good grab for $2,700 I think :D What do ya'll think?
  4. Twizzler09

    Newbie CB setup?

    So since I'm getting my F-150 here pretty soon, I'm already making plans to tinker with it, which includes CB radio. Problem is I know absolutely NOTHING about CB radios :D So, with that in mind, what would everyone here recommend for a CB setup? Don't need anything too fancy or overly...
  5. Twizzler09

    '97 F-150 Available engines?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what motors were available in the older '97 F-150? Been eye-balling one I want to buy but its just the base XL package and I can't remember if you could get the V8s in the XL or if Ford would make you step up to the next trim package to get it.
  6. Twizzler09

    Bad Flywheel and messed up bolts

    So I went to install a new clutch in my Ranger yesterday, and as I've come to expect from this thing, it fought me every step of the way. Went to drop the exhaust out of the way and the bolts that connect the Y-pipe to the manifolds wouldn't move on the passenger side. Just to get the pipe down...
  7. Twizzler09

    Is this as ugly as I think it is?

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is ugly.
  8. Twizzler09

    Opinions: Mossberg Tactical .22lr

    I know I've been gone for awhile, working on average 55 hours a week or more, but I heard about this particular rifle and wondered if anyone has/used one and what your opinion of it is? I might get one myself if its even halfway decent, local gun shop quoted me $249.99, seems like a good deal...
  9. Twizzler09

    Oh noes, teh Slave Cylinder again!

    So it seems that every year or so.... I have to replace the slave cylinder in my truck due to it being rather leaky. So far its gone through 3 slaves over the past 20k miles, any ideas on what can cause that? My first thought was the pilot bushing....dunno if that'd do it though.
  10. Twizzler09

    Ford dominates truck pull!

    this past friday the local fair held a truck pull, and all night long it was mostly chevs with a couple oddball dodges, until one particular class that is. The 8000lb dually diesel 4x4s The field in that class was two fords, two chevs, and a dodge. The first truck to go was a mid 90's ford...
  11. Twizzler09

    2003 Jetta 1.8T mileage issues

    So lately the GF has been noticing that her Jetta isnt getting real great gas mileage. Matter of fact.... its getting roughly the same as my 4.0L does. a little background on this car... Its a volkswagon (obviously) Jetta, 2003 "Wolfsburg" edition, with barely over 65,000 miles on it. Its...
  12. Twizzler09

    I must have the worst luck....

    because just about every audio component I buy, blows up or quits working, completely randomly. I have a Pioneer DEH-P1300USB headunit that has completely quit working, totally out of the blue (and yes I checked fuses and wiring). One day, it was working fine in the morning, and me and the...
  13. Twizzler09

    Random garage find!

    So the house (owned by my GF's grandparents) I just moved into had alot of random stuff around it when I first got here, and they mentioned that theres a mower in the garage I can use. So today I go to mow the yard, found the pushmower in there but then I caught a glimpse of dull yellow hiding...
  14. Twizzler09

    Custom grind cam or......?

    Was browsing youtube vids a few days ago and found a 4.0 OHV that has an incredibly aggressive idle, sounded like a very radical cam. The only major aftermarket company I know of that does cams for the 4.0 OHV is Comp Cams and neither of their offerings looked like they'd produce a very...
  15. Twizzler09

    Website graphics

    Looking for someone that can help me with some website graphics for a custom computers business that I'm looking to help start. My friends basically trusted me to setup the site, which I can do the coding and such but this whole picture thing is beyond me :D Anyone interested in lending a hand...
  16. Twizzler09

    Wholesale Computer Parts?

    Was wondering if anyone knew the name of a good wholesale computer parts supplier? Lookin to help some friends back home with their plans to open up a small custom-computers/Computer repair shop, and they're looking for a good parts supplier. Anyone happen to know of such a thing?
  17. Twizzler09

    2nd Infantry, can I get a Hooah?!?

    So we finally got our orders this morning and..... As of April 26th, 2010, I'll be assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Fort Lewis, Washington. I'm freakin excited! Even though the unit deploys in July, I'm still looking forward to getting into the real Army and out of training. Anyone...
  18. Twizzler09


    just wanted to drop in and say hi and let everyone know I graduated basic a couple days ago.
  19. Twizzler09

    Tweeters! Ka-boom!

    So far, I've managed to blow the tweets on my Orion 5x7's not just once, but TWICE! In less than a month! The first pair was warrantied out, even though they were out of warranty by like 2 months, and I still have the second pair in the truck... havent replaced them yet. The ones that keep...
  20. Twizzler09


    What do you all think about Orion and Powerbass gear? Looking at getting two Orion XTR Pro 10" subs and a Powerbass amp in the near future, but want some opinions from the audiophiles first :icon_thumby: Already using two Orion Cobalt 5x7's in my front doors, sounds awesome, especially for...

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