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  1. whitetrash96

    Housing Crack Dana 35TTB

    Ok so I broke a few teeth off my ring gear and one of the loose teeth got wedged between the ring gear and the housing. Now that I've got it torn out I noticed it created a 1" crack on my housing. Is this something that can be repaired by JB weld or some other method? This second pic is of my...
  2. whitetrash96

    Speedometer leaking

    Ok so a while back my vent for my t-case melted and became plugged, which forced atf through my speedo cable and started leaking out of my dash and onto my brake pedal. I repaired the vent and hoped the leak would stop, it hasn't. Just wondering if other people have had this issue and how they...
  3. whitetrash96

    Cracked Duff radius arm

    Recently while servicing my front diff I noticed another crack in my rod ended Duff radius arms. Last year I had a crack welded up on my ears and now it seems I have another crack in a new location. My question is what are people doing to beef up their Duff radius arms? Unfortunatley...
  4. whitetrash96

    D28/35 Driveshaft u-joints

    Anybody know if the u-joints in d28/35 driveshafts are the same size or if the D28 uses a double cardan joint like the 35s?
  5. whitetrash96

    '04 F150 Back up sensor??

    On my wife's '04 F150 whenever the truck is put into reverse the back up alarm shuts itself off. I unplugged/replugged in all sensors and checked the #18 fuse but everything seems ok. Anybody else have this problem or know where I should look next?
  6. whitetrash96

    Removing spindle bearings?

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to remove my spindle bearings? I found this thread http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/spindlebearing.html but I don't have a slide hammer and was hoping there was some other way. If you have a picture of a slide hammer with the proper attachment I...
  7. whitetrash96

    Installing bearings

    I need to replace the side bearings on my carrier and do not have access to a press, has anyone tried the heat method? My plan is to use an old oven to heat the bearings to about 200F and then tap them on. Any thoughts or experience out there to help me?
  8. whitetrash96

    East Kootenays wheeling?

    I just took a job transfer out to Cranbrook and am looking for individuals to go wheeling with and show me some of the bush trails around here. Please post up or pm.
  9. whitetrash96

    e-clip questions

    I used to have an internal spring with the cap welded in but somewhere I blew it out and now I have no cap. The plan is to go with an external spring but my question is what can I use as replacement cap or do I need one? My other thought was to add a grease nipple and pump it full of grease so...
  10. whitetrash96

    Broken shafts, now what?

    A little while back I was doing some light snow-wheeling and hammered the gas and bang, bang, bang, you get the picture. I broke the driver side shaft on my d35, after getting out of the truck and confirming my suspicions I unlocked the hubs threw it in 2 wheel and limped it back to the cabin we...
  11. whitetrash96

    Lower rad hose size?

    My friend has got a 97? Explorer and has bought an inline lower radiator hose heater and I want to know if he has bought the right size. What size of lower radiator hose do they use with the 4.0L?
  12. whitetrash96

    Unconventional wheel balancing

    Is anyone running BBs or golf balls or the like to balance heavy tires like swampers? I know of a few people running BBs and am probably going to do the same shortly, just wondering if anyone here has any experiences with this sort of thing.
  13. whitetrash96

    Speedo correction

    I want to correct my speedo and I have already swapped in a 16 tooth wine colored speedo gear and it is still reading 20km too fast at highway speeds what else can I do?

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