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  1. exbass94

    Installing Gauge Where 4wd Buttons Go

    Has anyone installed a gauge where the 4wd buttons go, with the 2nd gen dash? I know at least one person here has done it. I remember seeing pictures of it. Who was it? I'm looking for some pics to give me ideas. I want to basically do the same thing to my full size Bronco.
  2. exbass94

    Coolant Leak. Intake Gasket?

    94 Explorer 4.0 OHV - I have a small coolant leak. I thought it was coming from the heater hose, right where it connects to the engine, near the thermostat. I replaced the hose and it appears to still be leaking from that area. It seems the only other place it could be leaking from is the lower...
  3. exbass94

    Who knows airbag codes?

    I tried asking this on another forum but got no help. I figure my chances are better here since we have some Ford techs. I recently bought a 1994 Ford Bronco as a project truck. Yesterday I replaced the clock spring because the horn didn't work, airbag light was flashing, and cruise buttons...
  4. exbass94

    1994 Ford Bronco Build

    I never thought I'd be starting my own build thread. This is my first project car. I recently bought a 94 Bronco from my fiancee's parents. They are the original owners. They recently tried selling it with no success. I've always wanted a project car, and Broncos are totally awesome, so I bought...
  5. exbass94

    Limited slip/locker for street

    So, long story short, I had to replace my rear axle because of bad pinion bearings. My truck originally had a Trac-Lock limited slip, but all the junkyards around here only had regular open diff rear axles. So, I installed an open diff. I don't really like that I just basically downgraded my...
  6. exbass94

    T-case rubber washer on shaft

    I'm replacing the rear output shaft seal on the transfer case. I'm putting everything back together but I can't remember how that small rubber washer goes on the shaft. Does it go on before I put the flange back on, or after?
  7. exbass94

    Socket size T-case rear output

    06 Ranger - Trying to replace the rear output shaft seal on the transfer case. I apparently don't have the correct size socket to get the flange off. Does anyone know what size socket I need?
  8. exbass94

    2002 2.3 automatic

    2001 and older 4 cylinders have a different bolt pattern from the Duratec (2002+) engines. You need a trans from a 2002+ 4 cylinder truck.
  9. exbass94

    I have Haynes AC book in .pdf format

    If anyone wants a copy of the Haynes Air Conditioning book, PM me your email address and I can send it to you. It's really useful for understanding how AC systems work including the underlying principles and physics behind it.
  10. exbass94

    255-70R-16 fit as spare tire?

    2006 Ranger super cab short bed 4x4- My stock tire size is 255-70R-16. My spare tire for some reason is a 235-70R-16. I'm replacing all four tires on my truck and I would like my spare to be the same size as the rest of the tires. So I want to take one of my old tires and use that as the spare...
  11. exbass94

    useless tire jack

    Posting from the side of the highway: Why the F*** does Ford give you a tire jack that is too f***ing small to lift the truck up enough to get the tire off??!! I have the factory original OEM tires BTW. Waiting for my mom to bring me my floor jack from home....:pissedoff::temper:
  12. exbass94

    Pic Request 05+ Rangers

    To anyone who has this style steering wheel: I noticed that there is a big gap in between the airbag part and the rest of the steering wheel. See pics: I know this is most likely not correct. Can someone get some pics of how it's supposed to be please?
  13. exbass94

    How much $ for valve body replacement?

    I took my truck into the transmission shop to get the gear delay fixed. See this thread for more on that problem: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119549&highlight=delay They said they did this adjustment to the trans and that the problem is still kind of there, but not as...
  14. exbass94

    5r55e Delay going into gear

    2006 Ranger 4.0 4x4 5r55e. I just got the truck back from the body shop after almost 3 months of waiting for it to be fixed (see this thread for more on that: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115281&highlight=crashed) Now that I got it back, it behaves differently. When I...
  15. exbass94

    Door dinger won't stop dinging

    I just got my truck back from the body shop, and now it makes that annoying dinging noise every time I open the driver's door. It's supposed to ding only if the keys are in the ignition or if you leave the headlights on. Now it doesn't matter if the keys are in it or not, or if the headlights...
  16. exbass94

    Fan clutch replacement

    Do a search for "electric fan" and you'll get 1,276,540,239 threads on it. (<--exaggeration obviously, but it's been discussed many MANY times before. SEARCH!)
  17. exbass94

    Crashed my Ranger :(

    Was on my way to work down a notoriously bad stretch of highway when the lady in front of me slammed on her brakes for some reason. I couldn't stop in time :sad: And what it used to look like :(
  18. exbass94

    The Crown Vic is officially dead

    The last Ford Crown Victoria rolled off the assembly line yesterday at 12:25 PM. RIP 1967-2011. http://jalopnik.com/5840709/the-death-of-the-ford-crown-victoria-is-a-sad-day-for-america
  19. exbass94

    Equus 3160/code reader recommendation

    I'm looking for a good scan tool. Ability to read transmission codes and ABS codes and monitoring live sensor data are features I really want. I'm considering the Equus 3160 but if you guys have any better suggestions I'll consider them. Basically I want the best reader with the most features...
  20. exbass94

    Brake light switches keep burning out

    94 Explorer- The brake light switch is bad AGAIN for literally....*thinking*....I think this is the 5th time it broke. It seems I can get no more than a year or two out of them before they burn out. I went to disconnect the wire from it and the switch was hot! Not too hot to handle, but...

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