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  1. kris97ranger


    so i guess i need to re introduce myself... been on here for forever but never really posted in the last few years. this is my most current ranger 1996 4.0 auto ext cab on 2003 super duty tons, hybrid cage, beadlocks, 39s, chevy 64s, 300'000km of goodness on the motor, welded diffs front and...
  2. kris97ranger

    country slicker build

    Alright a little back story, my gf bought a 94 ranger to dd bit the bed was garbage so she sent me to get a parts truck for her (silly girl.. ill explain later) Came home with this 97 3.0 stepside for $800 its already on 38.5 boggers Used to be so clean... lol Probably coulda put fenders...
  3. kris97ranger

    16" rims for a 94 4wd ranger

    Im looking for a stock set of rims to fit my gfs truck. I had a ranger b4 and i know they are a 5x4.5 lug pattern but I'm trying to find stock 16s to toss on temporarily. I read the tech section and i know mustangs, explorers, fusions, sport tracs etc fit lug wise but does anyone know of any...
  4. kris97ranger

    OBA in a 4.2 f150

    im looking into swapping OBA into my 2006 f150 and i have everything to do it but the a/c pump. which pump would be best to use? i have a fs-10 off my old 4.0 ranger but it doesnt exactly fit so im probally going to be at the wrecker grabbing a pump. also i dont think that im going to find a...
  5. kris97ranger

    before and after pics

    stolen from another forum but i think itd be cool to post up some before and after pics of everyones rigs. and so you know i did a search for before and after and it came up with nothing so i hope this isnt a repost ill start with my 97 4 litre the day i brought it home real shitty day...
  6. kris97ranger

    1963 mercury vin decoder help

    is there anywhere on this site or another that has a vin decoder for this truck? i have a a 63 m-250, mercurys version of the f250 only built in canada and ive tried a few different ones around the net and none work i know for a fact this truck was built in oakville ontario because its stamped...
  7. kris97ranger

    1988 samurai LWB build

    EDIT: this thread started as just my solution to some over heating problems but after jim oaks asked for more detail i gave it and have decided to turn it into a build thread so while your reading its all about the over heating then kinda trails off into old storys and pics. this thing has been...
  8. kris97ranger

    2006 f150 sub box

    alright i have a 2006 f150 that i decided to put a sub in. i dont like any of the premade boxes out there so i decided to make my own i used one 4x8 sheet of 1/2 mdf and a whole lotta screws some carpenters glue and caulking to seal it ( no idea if thats right thing to use but its what i had)...
  9. kris97ranger

    custom subwoofer box need help on size

    hey im putting a clarion 10" sub in my f150 but thier site does not list the ar reqiurment for this sub i already have the box built but it is far too large and i want to put walls up inside so it can work properly does anyone know the approximate amount of air that i need the subs model number...
  10. kris97ranger

    dodge front dana 70.

    hey guys ive got a question 4 u all my biddy just picked up a late 70s dodge for scrap and it has 8 lug axles. there is a "70" stamped into the front housing and enclosed knuckles and from what ive reasearched the 70s did have an enclosed knuckle so thats what i figure it is. my question is...
  11. kris97ranger

    97 ranger 4 litre divorced t case

    is there a such thing? i have a electric t case and auto transmission. thanks ________ How to make a vaporizor
  12. kris97ranger

    1963 mercury m-250

    ok so the gf picked up a 63 mercury m-250 this morning. they were only built in canada. oakville ontario. only an hour and a half away from where we live, which i think is pretty cool. from what i understand its like a f250. but ive heard mercury pickups were actually there own deal until 1968...
  13. kris97ranger

    illuminating antenna

    last summer when i was working on the farm i was talking to a trucker who came in to take the shipment of trees. and we got talking about cbs and antennas and such. he had said that when he was down in the states that some ppl had the regualr 4ft fiberglass antennas but when you would key in the...
  14. kris97ranger

    rolled my 97.... nooooooo! :(

    ok so this morning i was on my way to work theres a single corner all the way to work and it screwed me... i was doing about 50 but it was black ice and my rear tire coucht a pothole causing my rer end to hop and swing out the front tires caught the snowbank and i went over.... twice... my cabs...
  15. kris97ranger

    wheel spacers on a 97 ext cab 4 litre

    ok so i have a 97 ext cab with the dana 35 and 8.8. im running 33s i am thinking about gettign a set of wheel spacers for my truck. no reason to i dont need them i just kinda want a set im thinking 1.5" i found a set on ebay for 70 bucks think its worth it? i know these kinda screw wheel...
  16. kris97ranger

    auto to manual swap 97 4.0 4x4

    i am interested in this swap the only thign i dont like about my truck is the fact its auto. im mostly concernd with wiring and clutch linkage and that thanks ________ Water bongs
  17. kris97ranger

    resealing corner lights

    i have noticed my passenger side clear corner the lense is starting to seperate from the housing? how do i go about fixing it? thanks ________ Hairy Pussy Webcam
  18. kris97ranger

    radiator core replacment/ body lift

    im in the process of replacing the core support on my ranger and while i had it all apart id like to do a bodylift but i cant get the very front bolts to slide out they spin inside the bushing but wont come out. anybody kno how to get it out? ________ Zoloft withdraw
  19. kris97ranger

    body lift question

    how long are the stock body bolts for a 97 ranger ext cab? im doing a 2" body lift but need to pick up the bolts b4 new years cause this is when i happen to have the time to do it thanks ________ BlondXAngel
  20. kris97ranger

    core support from 98 to 97

    i have a friend who just picked up a 98 ranger for scrap only thing wrong with it is it needs a starter but i was told i get a free pass to whatever parts i want for my 97. my question is can i get the core support from it and put it on my 97 and keep my 97 grill and headlights etc. mines almost...

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