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  1. Bennybooster

    WEROCK Medford Oregon

    Come out the WEROCK racing on the 7th out at the White City ponds, gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am. $15 adults, ages 8-15 $5, under 8 free. I'll be out there with my ranger at the Jacked Up Priorities Booth all day, come say high and see some rad rock racing!
  2. Bennybooster

    Jacked Up Priorities Offroad Meet and Greet pics

    I am friends with all of the guys at a new to Medford offroad shop called Jacked Up Priorities Offroad and we had a meet and greet today down at the Sportsmans Warehouse, we had some cool rigs down there. The owner Clay also has a 351 powered SAS'd ranger that is super rad, but its for sale now...
  3. Bennybooster

    Sick low rider F-350

    Haha, just kidding, stripped my parts truck today
  4. Bennybooster

    1 ton, caged ranger

    Hey guys, so some of you know that I was planning on caging my f350 but plans changed for a number of reasons so now the roll cage, and my 1 tons are going into my ranger and the 350 is getting scrapped. Anyways here is day one work on the cage All self explanatory The first and only...
  5. Bennybooster

    Hope is not lost

    LINKY Rick is a guy who has worked with my dad for years and a great guy. My friend who I am building my truck with did a lot of work on this too. Just thought you guys might want to see.
  6. Bennybooster

    429ci to 6.9 idi swap

    Hey guys, I have an 86 f350 that I am building and long story short I was at an offroad club meeting last night and a guy I met has a 6.9 idi for cheap. What I am wondering is there a way to mate my NP435 to the 6.9? Or if there isn't what transmission would you recommend? It is a wheeler so...
  7. Bennybooster

    Non-RBV Crawler build

    It's an 86' F350 Dana 60 front sterling 10.25 rear, 429/np435/np208(?) Plans Full hydro steering with single ended ram from trail gear Chevy 63's in boarded rear trail gear rear spring out front in boarded (maybe) and push the front forward as far as possible Push the rear forward as far as...
  8. Bennybooster


    How do you guys feel about the sporttrac as a dd, camping vehicle, pulling a trailer no more than 5000lbs? Do you recommend the v6 or v8 for this application? How is the mileage for each? Are they comfortable and reliable? How is the auto tranny? Is there a manual? I heard the 2007+ is a better...
  9. Bennybooster

    Masterpull 500 pics

    These are most of the pics that I took, unfortunately no action pics because I was co-driving the entire time it was running and we were short on people to do stuff like pictures. But here is what I got and if you have any post them up, especially if you have 707 ( us ) or 1099. I was with...
  10. Bennybooster

    Good deal on a Ranger

    http://medford.craigslist.org/cto/2445535949.html Just found this on craigslist NOT MINE just thought you guys might like to see it, it appears to be a good deal for a wheeler
  11. Bennybooster

    Anyone going to the USA 500?

    I'll be there, its the first race I will ever go to and I get to co-drive a lap with All fired up racing, and we are going to be meeting Hold Fast Racing there to work together. Then basically when we get back is when we are tearing into my truck to be ready for prairie city 2012.
  12. Bennybooster

    Coil PPI reccomendations

    Hey guys, I'm building a race truck. I think I may stick with coils and a bypass up front for now. What PPI would you recommend for coils? Have links? Thanks guys. Oh and its the truck in my info and sig
  13. Bennybooster

    Ranger Beams and axle or F150?

    Hey guys, so long story short I'm building my truck SCORE class 7 legal ( not racing score, 1450-org or MORE or something.) But anyways, I am building my own beams and radius arms, should I build off of ranger I beams? Or F150? Would the f150 beams be legal for the class? Also 8.8 31spline or...
  14. Bennybooster

    Drove this baby today...

    Its my friend Kasey's 1966(?) Mustang with a strait 6. She and her dad restored it from a pretty worn out car to this. And next to the ranger Its a cruzin car at heart, I want to take it on a road trip on some old highways. All in all driving that car just felt right, it felt how a car is...
  15. Bennybooster


    LINKY Is the little bracket that is the difference between these two kits a radius arm drop bracket?
  16. Bennybooster

    Offroad Pics....

    in my BUILD THREAD:D:D Check it out!!
  17. Bennybooster

    D44 vs. D35

    So for a while I have been wanting to build my D35 and have a wheeler/DD, however after taking a step back and looking at my plans and what I want my truck to do, it seems as if SAS would be the same price and be more what I want. So my plan was, Custom 4in lift with jeep coils ext. rad. arms...
  18. Bennybooster

    Exploder Spring questions

    Hey I have a exploder leaf pack that im throwing in the ranger, do you think I should take out the overloads when I flip the center bolt? Or will it just sag? I'm going for mainly flex. Dont really need hight
  19. Bennybooster

    Support our Troops

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TReXt5rDp8&feature=related This brings me to tears even though I never met this young woman, I am enlisting in the Army in sept as a 68w as well and I hope to have the same courage and Cpl Hugo. Ride on Cpl, Ride on
  20. Bennybooster

    Wish Me luck

    I'm taking the ASVAP in about an hour, they bumped the required score up to 75 just recently, but my dad got a 94 about 25ish years ago, so I think ill do fine.:icon_hornsup:

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