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  1. RICO9

    Rico's chopped II

    Hey thought I'd just pop in (6 years later) I still have my B2 but it's been sitting for a while on the side of the house with 2 flat tires, no battery and a big dick someone spray painted on it. It does still run though and I'm getting the itch to work on it again.
  2. RICO9

    My new Bronco

    Picked this up a few months ago. 95 full size, 5.8L, auto, 6" lift, 35" mtr's.
  3. RICO9

    land rover rears under an 88 ranger??

    I agree (and I have 2 Land Rovers). They are full float which is a plus, but the rear axle shafts are notorious for being weak. they are only 24 spline as opposed to 31 with the 8.8.
  4. RICO9

    Bird's eye view of my fleet

    I was up on the roof the other day hanging Christmas lights and took some pics of my rigs. Here's my B2 and TJ. My Land Rover.
  5. RICO9

    2.8L Chevy TBI swap

    Authored, and pioneered by Cammeddrz and RICO9 Difficulty: 8.5 out of 10 Time to install: It took us 6 months but now that it's done and we've worked out the bugs, I bet we could do it in a weekend. Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are...
  6. RICO9

    RICO9's B2: Now with Chevy TBI!

  7. RICO9

    Somebody tried to steal my B2!

    So over the weekend some prick decides he likes my Bronco enough to steal it! Luckily for me my procrastination paid off because he didn't get very far due to the lack of driveshafts! :icon_rofl: Unfortunately though, said prick did a number on my ignition. :annoyed:
  8. RICO9

    I got a Blazer

    Yeah, so I just bought my buddies 82 K5 Blazer. I needed a quick cheap vehicle cuz I messed up my fiance's Explorer. So now she's driving my Jeep and I get to drive this Ugly mother!
  9. RICO9

    M5OD shift resistance

    TRUCK INFO: 95 explorer sport 4.0L, M5OD automatic 4x4, 1354 PROBLEM: ok, this truck is hard to shift. it doesn't grind gears, it just needs to be forced into gear. this problem is in all gears. the resistance feels "plastic" if that makes any sense. the trans has fluid and the fluid...
  10. RICO9

    License plate collection.

    here is mine. Let's see yours! (also willing to trade with anyone who wants a Utah plate)
  11. RICO9

    almost bad

    So my fiance's 95 explorer sport started shaking a few days ago but it got really bad yesterday so i take it for a spin. HOLY CRAP! feels like it's about to shake itself apart! it felt to me like it was in the front end so i spend about an hour checking everything; ball joints, tie rods...
  12. RICO9

    Rico's chopped II

    I coulda sworn i had a build thread on here but i guess not so here you go. This is as far back as my pictures go due to a computer crash. Spring '05 a few months after chop. as you can see the paint sucked but she was suprisingly rust free for an 84. here are some more pics of how the...
  13. RICO9

    Cage design by RICO9

    here's a little somethin' i just designed. let me know what you think. and yes, it will be tied into the frame, i just forgot to draw that part.
  14. RICO9

    bullet holes

    i've been contemplating putting some REAL bullet holes in my B2 to give it that "combat tested" look. i just thought i'd see what you guys think. here is a visual aid.
  15. RICO9

    fuel gauge always reads full

    So this summer I replaced my fuel pumpon my 95 explorer and ever since my gauge has read full. Wha's the problem?
  16. RICO9

    You don't see these everyday. good price too

  17. RICO9

    Chopped BII in UT

    hey guys i check out this site all the time just didn't think i needed to be a member on 5 RBV sites! but now i am! anyways, my name is Rico and i live in Salt Lake and i have an '84 BII with a choptop that is sealed, 7" of lift, 33's, yada, yada, yada. here are some pics for you guys to look at!

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