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  1. 1987rangerman

    2.8 trans on 2.9....help!!!!!

    i think ive read this somewhere but cant find it again. i have a 2.8 5 speed 4x4 trans replacing my 2.9 auto trans annd am wondering if i can use a 4.0 flywheel clutch and pressure plate with this....... thanks, Nick
  2. 1987rangerman

    96 auto trans question

    ive got an auto transmission here for a 2wd from a 96 and a guy wants an auto transmission for a 96 4wd.....r these transmissions the same? just take off the tail shaft part and bolt the transfer case on possibly?? any info would be great. oh and these r for a 300 I6 engine Thanks, and ive...
  3. 1987rangerman

    2.8 and 2.9 flywheel???

    I found a b2 it needs a fly wheel put in the guy ha it im not sure if there is a difference in these 2 flywheels. if there is i wont buy it cuz finding a 2.8 flywheel is impossible around here.
  4. 1987rangerman

    your pics of leaf sprung dana 30????

    ok so im puttin my axle under the truck now and gotta off set the spring perches a inch or 2. anybody here got any pics of leaf sprung rangers on a dana 30??? or can somebody point me to a thread with this
  5. 1987rangerman

    lift spring for Dana 30 SAS

    people say jeep works best....all you can do is throw them in and see how ya sit...i got 4 inch xj ones that will be in my ranger or B2 if i get it
  6. 1987rangerman

    what size heim and threaded bung should i use???

    i wanna 4 link a B2 i might be getting. i have no clue what size heim i should use and what size of pipe i should use. anybody got any suggestions??
  7. 1987rangerman

    i am in a pickle

    i am currently doing a SAS on my ranger and might wanna get technical with 4 link in the rear. but there is a situation..... i got this but then i can get this cheap which should i do the 4 link on??? i wanna run the box on my truck, so either way i am dealing with a body. i think the B2...
  8. 1987rangerman

    leaf spring build SHOULD BE A LEARNING LESSON

    well this will be a interesting build. i got my 87 4x4 ranger and the engine for some reason smokes like crazy so we decided lets get wild so the plan is to put a 4.0L jeep engine in it and from looking at the engine threads it wont fit with out mods. So that being the case we decided to go all...
  9. 1987rangerman

    leaf spring conversion

    i am currently swapping leaf springs into the front of my 87 ranger 4x4 what springs do people use for this??

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