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  1. LonesomeSTX

    What is this interior mounted jack missing on my Ranger?

    Does anyone have a photograph of the bracket and other pieces that hold this jack in place? Also, what other parts or tools go with it? This is for my 86 regular cab Ranger. I want to track down all the correct OE pieces so it all fits like it should.
  2. LonesomeSTX

    Are these D27 auto locking hubs complete assemblies?

    I just received these auto locking hubs for the D27 on my 86 Ranger. I am converting it back to auto locking hubs. It has been a while since I have messed with these. And when I did I was getting rid of them in favor for manual hubs. I want to make sure I have ALL the parts I need to make them...
  3. LonesomeSTX

    Dual in and out mufflers, are they worth it?

    I run dual in and dual out mufflers on most of my trucks because of the limited space. Most of them have the exhaust running down the passenger side so I see no reason for two mufflers when one would do the job. However, I am about to get yet another dual in and dual out for the Ranger I just...
  4. LonesomeSTX

    Got a first gen XL over the weekend

    My STX build got side lined when someone pulled out in front of me. Now it is a total teardown type build. So until I can get to that I picked up this XL to get me by. It is in pretty good shape. It did 80 down the interstate like a champ. It does not need much to be a nice daily driver. A...
  5. LonesomeSTX

    2.9 Valve cover question

    While I am at it, I also have a valve cover question for my 87 2.9. I know they are prone to leak. I have read the tech articles and have taken all the steps I know to take. I used the higher quality FelPro gasket, retorqued the bolts after about 100 miles, and made sure the lip was straight...
  6. LonesomeSTX

    Ranger will not idle right, tried everything.

    87 Ranger with a 2.9 I have tried everything I can think of the track down the idle issue with this truck. It ran like crap when I got it and it runs over 100 times better now. I have replaced the TPS, idle air valve, modulator, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, timed it, replaced vacuum lines, pulled...
  7. LonesomeSTX

    Modulator questions for the Ford A4LD

    My 87 Ranger has an A4LD automatic in it. Since I got the truck it has shifted rough. It slams into gear when I put it in drive and reverse. It also shifts in and out of gear when I am on hills. It does it on flat ground as well but not as bad nor as often. I dropped the pan and it looked decent...
  8. LonesomeSTX

    Project: STX Rehab

    I was not planning on getting this in depth on this truck. But I have to face facts. I am addicted to truck builds. This is going to be a light going over. I still have my Papa’s truck waiting to get completed. Anyhoo, what we have a 1987 Ranger STX. It was in relatively good shape when I got...
  9. LonesomeSTX

    Looking for an auto temp switch for an electric fan

    I have been planning to convert all our truck electric fans. I was hoping to build a standard wiring harness to work with all of them using common parts. I do not want to use a store bought fan controller because of their reputation for giving out. I believe I have found, what I consider, the...
  10. LonesomeSTX

    Can I delete this housing and how?

    I was suppose to go out of down tonight but this damn housing is stopping me. I have an 87 Ranger with a 2.9. I was changing the fluids and fuel filer in preparation for my trip. I took this housing apart because I forgot the 87 and newer had a canister filter further up the frame rail. I guess...
  11. LonesomeSTX

    My EGR valve is clogged, have questions

    The 87 Ranger I recently acquired has a 2.9 and it ran really rough. I have found several possibilities but I have not put it back together yet. One thing I am addressing is the EGR valve. The port in the air plenum was so clogged I needed a half inch drill bit to clear it. It was clogged all...
  12. LonesomeSTX

    Picked up a first Gen STX

    I love these trucks. I have been wanting one for a while and accidently found this one. I would prefer a five speed with bucket seats. But this one will do nicely. It appears to have low mileage on it judging by the interior and general condition of everything else. It runs rough but I am...
  13. LonesomeSTX

    Will TTB D44 knuckles fit anything else?

    I have a set of complete outers from a TTB D44. The parts include the knuckles, spindles, brake assembly, hub, and so on. I put them on the shelf in case I can use them on something else at a later date. But now I would rather have the space. Do these parts fit anything else? Would they fit a...
  14. LonesomeSTX

    Anyone here do a roll on paint job?

    I might be getting a strong running truck soon that needs some body work and a paint job. I have to do it cheap but I do not want to sacrifice quality and longevity. While looking for ideas on the interwed I found some videos of people rolling Rustolum on their vehicles. I am quite impressed by...
  15. LonesomeSTX

    Questions about fan controllers

    I have seen several fan controllers that people made. Many of them are pretty cheap to build and appear somewhat simple. But there are so many variants it is tough to figure out which one I should go with. To further complicate matters I am not well verses in electrical systems. So, I decided to...
  16. LonesomeSTX

    How do I recalibrate the speedo on my 2000 Ranger?

    I am stepping up to 31 inch tires and need to recalibrate my speedo. How do I do it? Oh yeah, it is a 2000 with a 3.0 and a five speed.
  17. LonesomeSTX

    Painting aluminum rims??????

    I want to address the rims on my low buck Ranger build. The coating on them is scratched up and has large exposed areas. At first I figured I would just spray them black. But, that is not going to look all that great, plus, that will be too much black when I get the trim work done. So I am...
  18. LonesomeSTX

    My Low Buck Ranger Build

    This is my first late model Ranger. I usually get into First Gens. But this one is proving to be worth the time. When I got this Ranger it was rather beat down. The interior was nasty and it ran horrible. It was clear the truck had not been maintained very well. Being since I cannot afford a 4x4...
  19. LonesomeSTX

    Spray foam under the shifter base?????

    Someone a while back mentioned using spray foam under the shifter base to cut down on noise. However, I cannot find that thread anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can read the write up on it?
  20. LonesomeSTX

    Cross drilling rotors at home?

    I sure would like to do this mod to all of my trucks. However, is it really that simple? I know if go through with it I have to avoid drilling into the center supports that are between the two friction surfaces. But is there more to it than that. And what about the rotors that do not have that...

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