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  1. wcurtin1962

    94 Ranger Power Steering/Manual Steering Gear Box Interchange

    Are there any differences in interchange between a power steering, manual steering gear boxes for 2WD 92-94 Rangers?
  2. wcurtin1962

    Company 23 2300 Timing Belt Tools

    I have purchased 3 tools from this company for servicing the timing belt and seals on my ranger. They are excellent quality and at a fair price. http://www.company23.com/products/fordtools The axle tool in this link is for Merkurs not Rangers. They all are on Amazon as well.
  3. wcurtin1962

    94 Ranger DIS Module Bolts

    What size are the DIS module bolts? I thought they were 7/32, but no dice.
  4. wcurtin1962

    Service Manual For 94 Ranger

    Is there a PDF download of service manuals for 94 Rangers here? I have been looking but can't find it. I downloaded a transmission manual a few weeks ago when some one posted a link to it on another tread. If not does anybody have a link for PDF downloads for sale? I found a site but wasn't sure...
  5. wcurtin1962

    Advice Needed For Electric Fan

    I got a 94 Ranger with a 2300 and A/C. I just discovered that a fan blade has broken off. I what to switch to an electric fan. Any suggestions on which fans/controllers are the most reliable?
  6. wcurtin1962

    Joke/Leather Dress

    If this is already posted I apologize in advance! When a woman wears a leather dress... A man's heart beats quicker, And his throat gets dry, He goes weak in the knees, Andhe begins to think irrationally. Everwonder why? It's because she...
  7. wcurtin1962

    My Alternator Finally Punted

    After 194127 miles my stock alternator on my 94 Ranger has failed. When I looked up a replacement I was shocked to learn that it has brushes. After picking myself off the floor I saw the parts store had a brush assembly for it. I’m tight on money right now and I decided to throw in a set of...
  8. wcurtin1962

    1988 GMC Safari No Reverse

    My friend's 1988 GMC Safari lost reverse. Any quick guesses? The van has over 450000 miles on it. I think when the oil pressure drops reverse is the first to go. I'll be dropping the pan this week, but I thought that someone here may have a quick guess...
  9. wcurtin1962

    Anyone Looking At Scooters?

    I stopped at a Schwinn scooter store the other day. Has anybody else gotten a scooter?
  10. wcurtin1962

    94 2wd steering Gear Box Leak

    The output seal on my 94 Ranger power steering gear box is leaking. It will hold oil for a while then one day my pump goes dry. This type of failure I use to get from the 1960’s and 70’s Olds mobiles I used to have. The GM boxes had a ceramic puck that could be R/R ed after removing the...
  11. wcurtin1962

    Hello from Columbus Ohio

    Hello, my name is William Curtin; I got my 1994 Ranger new. It’s got a 2300 with a 5 speed. I now have 183000 miles on it. It still has the original water pump and alternator! I’m thinking of adding a turbo after I rebuild the engine.

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