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  1. 4banger_ranger

    Seat problems

    Quick question, trying to install 60/40s from a 98 single cab ranger into a 95 extended cab that had buckets. Does anyone know how or the best way to go about it and it still look really clean??:icon_confused: :icon_confused:
  2. 4banger_ranger

    1999 2.5l wont start

    my 99 ranger wont start and if it does it wont stay running for very long. I've put coil packs, plugs and wires, and changed the fuel filter. itll turn over just wont crank what do yall think the prob is????? :icon_confused:
  3. 4banger_ranger

    dad needs fab help

    does anyone have any expreince with putting a rear mounting hitch reiver on the front of the truck behind the bumper? its on an '88 K5 Blazer. :icon_welder:
  4. 4banger_ranger

    subwoofer problem

    i have a 10' pioneer sub in my truck in a box with an amp< i hooked everything up right and it blows the fuse that work the speedo and turn signals when i turn the ac on. could it be caused from the previous owner not properly installin the aftermarket radio or a short somewhere??
  5. 4banger_ranger

    what size brake shoes do i need?

    i went to oreilly's to get my brake shoes and idk if i need the one for 9" drums or 10" drums, how do i find out? i have a 99 ranger xlt 2.5l 5speed 2wd with 7.5 rear axle
  6. 4banger_ranger

    4x4 exploder frame

    does anyone know if the body mount point for the explorer and ranger are the same??? i thought of a super easy way to fix my "gangsta lean" on my ranger and possibly end up with 4wd if it will work. so lemme know what yall think on this. this idea is thanks to my buddy :icon_welder: :icon_cheers:
  7. 4banger_ranger

    offset rims

    does anyone know where to get rims w/ an offset of -43? i wanna get this look. http://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/1460/wheel-offset-1998-ford-ranger-super-aggressive-3-suspension-lift-3-custom-rims
  8. 4banger_ranger

    99 ranger

    so i was looking at my engine bay the other day when i was changing plugs, and i said to myself there's to much room in here. what kinda engine swap should i do. diesel or gas engine and what size?:icon_confused:
  9. 4banger_ranger

    '99 2.5l exhaust

    what's the smallest pipe you can run without a cat and it not sound to terribly bad???
  10. 4banger_ranger

    2.5l Lima

    Will performance parts for the 97 2.3l fit the 99 2.5l??
  11. 4banger_ranger

    Truck bed lean

    Does anyone know what would cause this? I've checked my leaf springs
  12. 4banger_ranger


    Will the bench seats out of an 83-92, work in my 99 xlt????????
  13. 4banger_ranger


    Will the bench seats out of an 83-92, work in my 99 xlt????????
  14. 4banger_ranger

    just a random question

    what does cool it thermo tec do?:icon_confused:
  15. 4banger_ranger

    carb or efi v8?

    '99 2wd w/ 2.5L 5spd. i havent decided on carb or efi 302, what is my better option? or would i fair out better with a bored and stoked 289? :icon_confused:
  16. 4banger_ranger

    front bumper idea

    does anyone have the measures and pics from their front bumpers theyve built??
  17. 4banger_ranger

    dash lights

    how do you fix the check gauge light???
  18. 4banger_ranger

    help please

    has anyone put a skid plate on a 2wd ranger 98-00????
  19. 4banger_ranger

    help please

    has anyone made a thread for putting a skid plate on a 2wd ranger 98-00???
  20. 4banger_ranger

    300 straight6 swap

    i have a 2.5L, but i want something with more torque has anyone swapped from a 4banger to a straight6???

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