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  1. Gregin30655

    F350 dually, dropped and big wheels

    As Ford guys I thought you all might like my "other' vehicle. Its a 2011 F350 dually with the 6.7L diesel. SO far it is lowered with dream beams and flip kit, air bagged rear on the leafs with 2 compressors, a 5g tank and everything to make it remote on the road when pulling a load. It has 24"...
  2. Gregin30655

    IAC issues?

    Hey all, I have an 88 with a 2.9 I just bought. I noticed the idle fluctuation when I got it, but drove it from NC to GA with no issues (after topping off with gas in NC) then about 20 miles from home it seemed to stumble at low rpms and take off once it hits about 2500-3k rpm. It had sat for 6...
  3. Gregin30655

    Shopping list needed 2.3t swap

    I have an 88 Ranger GT (2.9L with manual trans) that is getting the T-bird TC swap. I have the OEM Engine, manual trans, engine harness and ECU. As I look through countless threads I am surprised as many people as have done this, there isn't a sticky with the shopping list needed to do this...
  4. Gregin30655

    later model dream beams on older truck

    Good morning all, I have an 88 GT I am doing DJM dream beams on and was told if I do a later model beam (from a 89-97 truck?) I can do the knuckle/spindle off those trucks with a dual piston caliper and improve braking. Is this all that is needed? Also, does this set up affect wheel offset any...
  5. Gregin30655

    newb in the house

    Whats up everyone, I am new here but long time in the scene. I picked up an 88 GT yesterday and will be modding it quite a bit over the next few months and then driving it more regularly. I had an 86 new and lowered and did all the normal stuff way back in the early 90s, and have modded every...

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