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  1. Grey_04

    2 inch drop

    Knowing the lifted side of things I'd say your having the complete opposite effect us lifted guys have. My suggestion would be to take your bump stops out and put shorter ones in or relocate the mounting location for them. Hope this makes sense to you.
  2. Grey_04

    R.I.P. Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

    May he rock on in the afterlife. http://sleazeroxx.com/r-i-p-motorheads-lemmy-kilmister/ 1iwC2QljLn4
  3. Grey_04

    prepairing for body lift

    I've been preparing for a body lift for a couple weeks now. Here is a little background before my question. I have the performance accessories kit from summiit racing. I have spent Christmas spraying all the body bolts with pb blaster/wd40 whatever i happen to get my hands on at the time. Been...
  4. Grey_04

    old timer returning to trs.

    Just thought I'd take the time and say hello to everyone. I have been lurking in the shadows since getting rid of my truck " but i have returned from the dark side" In case you don't remember the user name i'll put a couple pics with the name from when i was around for TRS Banner Across...
  5. Grey_04

    did a bit of cleaning today

    it was such a nice day here so far i decided to do some much needed cleaning and got some pics of the ranger and my friend's new Mitsubishi highlander sport. ..................................................................................... all buffed out and waxed, it never looked better...
  6. Grey_04

    a/c blowing lukewarm air.

    OK I may be flamed for this question but the post I've read don't exactly fit my problem. When i bought my truck I noticed the ac blew cool air but wasn't really that cold. as it's beginning to get warmer outside I noticed the air is no colder than it is with just the vent open. ( to my...
  7. Grey_04

    found a brushgaurd is the price worth an hour drive?

    found a westin brushgaurd on craigslist would you drive the hour to get it? looking at the lower bar it looks bent compared to other pics of the bars mounted on trs members trucks so give me your thoughts? http://erie.craigslist.org/pts/2973151149.html
  8. Grey_04

    explorer fog light switch for aux lighting.

    Ive searched but couldn't find what i was looking for so can someone shine some light on my problem? I put an explorer radio bezel in my ranger and hooked up the factory fog lights. my question is I put an extra fog light switch in were the rear defroster normally goes. I would like to use this...
  9. Grey_04

    ranger verses shed take 1..lol

    The shed never stood a chance....:icon_rofl: now comes the fun of cleaning up my mess..:icon_cheers:
  10. Grey_04

    grey_04's Red Baron build thread.

    what I managed to find was a '2004 xlt extended cab 4x4 4.0 :yahoo: like a idiot i didn't get any good pics before the mods started while it was still daylight. and before I get flamed for no pics here's 2 i snapped tonight after I put my cap on and loaded it with the firedept stuff i carry...
  11. Grey_04

    removing ruberized coatings

    I'VE been working on upgrading my radio bezel to one from an explorer with fog light switches and came across this video wondered if it was worth trying? :dunno: i see how it would work but would plastic type primer stick if wiped down with the prep-so (or other type of solvent first???)...
  12. Grey_04

    need a more fitting user name

    Ok when i came up with a username i had a silver metallic '04 regular cab, after sneaking around at night it was nic named grey_04 well that don't exactly fit the new whip so I'm scoping out a new name for this truck. ANY suggestions on a new name for the truck? here's a pic to give you an...
  13. Grey_04

    headlight switch

    Could someone shine some light on my problem? the bulb in my headlight switch has quit working, can the bulb be replaced or do i need to grab a different switch from the pic/n/pull? never had that apart before so i have no idea on what bulb it may take..or how it comes apart. any help would...
  14. Grey_04

    turn signal bulbs peeling?

    OK this is gonna sound like a stupid question but on my '04 I have the amber turn signal bulbs as part of my headlights. my problem is I replaced both bulbs twice and when I put the bulbs in they are nice and yellowish color, after about a week or two of use all the color peels off and they...
  15. Grey_04

    confused on 4.0 evap code.

    I'm working on a 2004 ranger 4.0 and getting the evap code. I replaced the vacuum line from the purge valve on the drivers side fender to the intake with a new line. and the code was still present. so I made a trip to my buddy's and got a different purge valve.. the one on my truck mounts by...
  16. Grey_04

    are General Grabber AT2's a decent tire or garbage?

    anyone care to comment on the General Grabber AT2's?? when i bought my current ranger it had some 265/70/16 General Grabber AT2 on it. just was wondering what people thought of these tires and if they were any good? they are about 3/4 tread and seem to be in half decent shape as far as no road...
  17. Grey_04

    i'm back in a ranger again

    Well as some of you know I was forced to get rid of my grey ranger due to medical reasons that i could no longer shift the standard transmission in it. I got a dodge Dakota and was not very happy with it. so I started searching for another ranger. WELL THE SEARCH IS OVER. what I managed to...
  18. Grey_04

    just dropped in to say good by trs

    I just dropped online to say good by to TRS and say i have enjoyed my many years on here. but it's time to move on.. i have bought my self a dodge Dakota v6 auto 4x4.. It was getting hard for me to be shifting the standard in the '04 and i found this Dakota for $1,100.00 difference in price so...
  19. Grey_04

    lowering questions

    well your in luck cause just like us ranger owner's who want to get nose bleeds raising our trucks with spindle lifts.. the guys who want to drag their junk through the weeds can have fun also....i was surfing Google and found drop spindles that would work awesome for what you wanted to do...
  20. Grey_04

    ohio meet 2011

    just wanted to say thank you for such a great day.. we got a set of drop springs put in ranger_mclaren's focus. exchanged a few stories, jokes and a few laughs,,,, here's some of the pics I had taken...

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