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  1. Heavyfire14

    Extremely slow B2 build

    Well im going to take my time with my Bonco II but i decided to make a build thread to track my progress. So this is what i got. The day i bought it Got it for 500 dollars and i paid the tags, this it already had: headers, new cats, glasspack, new shocks, shift kit, performance coil, new...
  2. Heavyfire14

    Foamy brake fluid... Getting pissed!

    So i lifted my 1990 b2 yesterday and the brakes were perfect before. But i had to disconnect the brake lines from the calipers to get the spacers in and then i put it all back together and bled it, but i keep bleeding it but the fluid keeps coming out foamy like beer and the brakes are staying...
  3. Heavyfire14

    Do i really need a camber kit?

    Hey guys ive searched and found no definite answer.. Im doing 2" lift spacers on my 2wd b2 and dont know if i should order a camber kit too or not. Does it really need one? How bad will it be without it? Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  4. Heavyfire14

    Haven't been on in a very long time

    Well ive been out of a ranger for a couple years now and actually downgraded all the way to a 98 civic... But guess what i jus bought yesterday! Its a 1990 bronco 2 2.9 automatic 2wd it has headers and a shift kit and runs great, best part is i only paid 500 dollars for it [emoji1] already...
  5. Heavyfire14

    ive joined the dark side...

    Havent been logged in in almost a year.. i December i bought a nissan.. lets jus say i really miss my ranger now.. but im stuck with it so im building it so might as well post a pic of ehere im at...
  6. Heavyfire14

    traded the ranger for an f150

    here is a pic of my new truck :D except i think i got screwed :dunno: check the 4.2l forum here to find out why (its the post about the f150 with the loud tick)
  7. Heavyfire14

    1997 f150 4.2l loud tick. scared...

    hey guys long time no see. i didnt know weather to put this in the fullsize forum or here, anyways i traded my ranger for a 1997 ford f150 with a 4.2l and a 5 speed. well i got home and was lookin it over and it drips a couple drops of oil and when i start it, it has a really loud tick and it...
  8. Heavyfire14

    new members...

    cant keep them under control. on one day then disappear forever. then to top it off one left me a nice negitive rep today for no reason... :annoyed:
  9. Heavyfire14

    15 miles to the gallon with a 4 banger???

    wow im only gettin 15mpg in my 2.3 duratec... i jus cant believe that going from 31s to 33s would drop my gas milage 5-6mpg its just crazy!! oh well haha at least i can still use 5th and i can still go 80mph haha
  10. Heavyfire14

    got my 33's on my truck!!!

    yuup i finally got some 33x12.5's on my lil 2.3l PreRunner RANGER :headbang:. here are some pics of her. what do you guys think?
  11. Heavyfire14

    Mud tires on a PreRunner?? yes or no?

    so what do you think? i need some 33's asap and some guy told me he had 5 adventuro 33x12.50r15 m/t's with 65% tread and the lowest he will sell them for is 400. so anyways back to the main topic, will mud terrians look good on a prerunner?
  12. Heavyfire14

    how to make a 4 banger faster?

    i have a duratec 2.3l extended cab and im turning her into a prerunner. i just got an 8.8 rear end geared to 4.56 and in a couple weeks im gonna get some 33x10.50r15's it has enough power to haul ass out in the dezert so i say run it till you kill it then do a 4.0 swap :D
  13. Heavyfire14

    got an 8.8 rear end plus more goodies!!!

    i got a ranger 8.8 rear end with 4.56 gears and some national race pack leaf springs for 450 bux today!! only catch was i had to drive 3 hours to go up to l.a. to go get the stuff, but it was totally worth it!!! here are a couple pics: so what do you guys think?
  14. Heavyfire14

    the 7.5 finally gave up on me!!!

    wow today was an expensive day haha. today i broke a limiter strap mount, dented the resonater,broke the muffler mount, lost the muffler cause it got ripped out, and to top it off i blew up the stupid weak 7.5 rear axle. haha i guess the 7.5 isnt made for goin 60mph through a crazy ass wash...
  15. Heavyfire14

    the salton sea is dirty!!

    so today i was mobbing my truck through a big wash out in salton city and i drove up to the salton sea to check it out....... sooo disgusting. the water was black and green, and there were dead fish everywhere! it smelt horrible and there was a buncha alcolie. and as i was driving away i didnt...
  16. Heavyfire14

    need to regear?

    ok so i have the 2.3 duratec and want to know what gears i should run with 33x12.50r15 bfg's? should i run 4.56 or 4.88? (planning on getting an 8.8 rear end)
  17. Heavyfire14

    i finally named my truck!!

    i finally named my baby... her name is Savanna
  18. Heavyfire14

    got my new rims and tires!!

    here are some pics... so what do you guys think?
  19. Heavyfire14

    thinking about getting these

    im thinking about getting these http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SPS-1702/ and then im going to autozone and gonna order some 2002 ranger 3.0 stock coils (to replace mine). do you guys think that the spacers would be ok to offraod out in the desert with? they fit my truck. and the coils im...
  20. Heavyfire14

    finally got my fiberglass and ranger clip installed on my mazda!!

    hares a couple pics... check out my build thread for pics of the complete install.

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