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  1. BullFrog13x4

    How to use spoilers in the TRS forum??

    I cant seem to remember how it is suppose to work:icon_confused: I think it is suppose to be: (but that doesn't work) I am probably doing something simple, like a missing capitol or the like. :icon_confused: Anybody know exactly how the code goes for this forum and spoiler tags?:D
  2. BullFrog13x4

    1991 2wd to 4wd conversion

    Hello everybody, I am starting to gather up some parts for my conversion, i am a cheep sob so i am going to limit my funds for the entire project to $2000.00 and i paid $500.00 for the truck and $200 for the axle. So i only have $1300.00 left for the rest of the parts i need. Does anybody have...
  3. BullFrog13x4

    newbeeeeeeee!!!! Hello all!!

    Hello all, I am new to the forums, and i just recently purchased my 1991 ranger. I have posted a question about an engine noise in the 3.0 section. if anyone has a little experience with these and can help, please post to that thread. My ranger is a 2wd with the mdo5 5spd trans and a 114"...
  4. BullFrog13x4

    1991 2wd 3.0 noise??

    Hello all, First i have to say i am new to the forums, but i have been checking out the ranger station for a while now. Ok, now for the business... I recently purchased a 1991 for ranger 2wd with a 3.0 v6 and a 5spd mdo5 for $500.00, i now excellent price.. here is why it was so cheep...

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