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  1. Rex2nr

    Oil Pressure Question

    I just installed an oil pressure gauge (Autometer Sport Comp) in my 99 4.0. My sending unit failed last week, and had the gauge sitting around so, why not? I searched around but couldn't find any numbers I be seeing? I am currently reading around 60psi at cold idle, 40 at cruising and around 20...
  2. Rex2nr

    Speedo/tach needles bouncing

    New issue sprung up today- my tach and speedometer both started bouncing. My truck (99 xlt 4x4 w/4wabs) was down for the last week for a rear-most crossmember replacement. This is the one under the cab. I had the box off, and welded plates on the rear of the frame, and replaced the tire carrier...
  3. Rex2nr

    Frame rivets to bolts

    What size bolts do you guys use when replacing riveted frame parts? I need to replace the crossmember above the fuel tank on my 99. I know grade 8, assuming somewhere between 3/8 and 1/2", 1-1/2" long? How tight should they be? 100ft/lb or 3/4" drive impact tight?
  4. Rex2nr

    A/C Issues

    I bought my truck (99 4.0) last summer and the ac wasn't working. I wasn't too concerned until this summer and I am sick of driving to and from work in a puddle of sweat. I added r134a-about 12 ounces- along with some pag 46, 3 oz. the compressor is kicking on, but immediately kicks back off...
  5. Rex2nr

    Airbag Recall 2004-6 Rangers included

    I just read an article on my local news that the Takata recall has been expanded to include vehicles back to 2002. 2004-2006 Rangers are on the list. http://icsw.nhtsa.gov/safercar/rs/takata/takatalist.html Check it out and if you're truck is on there, get it taken care of. No need for...
  6. Rex2nr

    Bogging/missing under load

    1999 ranger, 4.0, 5spd 4x4, 196,000 miles 2 weeks ago I took a vacation and painted my cap, shaved my tailgate handle and repaired up any rust. I only drove the truck to get a cup of coffee and hit the grocery store- about 3 miles total- the whole week. The next Monday morning I left for work...
  7. Rex2nr

    Body Mount Bushings- 97 vs 99

    I have a 1999 Supercab and need to replace the radiator support bushings. I am replacing my radiator support now and would like to just cut the old bolts because of the rust. I've been checking all over the web and can not find anything. LMC lists them but doesn't have them in stock. I'm not...
  8. Rex2nr

    Fast idle when clutch engaged/coasting

    I have a 99 Ranger, 4.0 4wd with a 5spd. This started last fall but went away after replacing the TPS sensor. It is now coming back. There is no check engine light, but I don't have a scanner to check for pending codes. It only does this when the engine is up to temp- the idle remains at...
  9. Rex2nr

    Turn Signals/Flashers out

    I parked my truck (99 XLT supercab 4.0 5spd short bed) Tuesday night and hadn't had any issues with the signals or hazards. Yesterday I was off so I decided I should mount the hitch I picked up Tuesday night. I only mounted the hitch- I haven't run a wiring kit yet. This morning I have no...
  10. Rex2nr

    Another brake line replacement thread...

    Hey guys, Just got my 99 4.0 4x4 5spd with 4 wheel ABS running. I took it around the block for a first drive and limped back with a blown brake line- drivers front line rusted out. I've run new lines before but usually just get the preflared lenghts from the parts store. This will be my first...
  11. Rex2nr

    Hello from Rochester, NY

    Hello everyone, just wanted to give a quick intro... I'm Scott from Rochester, NY. I just picked up my second Ranger a little over 2 weeks ago. It's a 99 4.0 5-speed 4x4 supercab with 188k on it. The head gaskets were shot, starter burned out, no exhaust, and broken parking brake cables. I've...

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