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  1. RedBowTies88

    '95-'97 Radiators?

    So my '95 is pushing through the 180 T-stat on warm days on the highway. No evidence currnetly of head cracking, leaks, or pump issues. I'd like to replace the original, grimey 250k Rad with an all aluminum one. I just don't think it's transferring heat well anymore plus being as old as it is...
  2. RedBowTies88

    D35 TTB LSD Options? Lockers?

    Hi everyone. Going to be regearing my '95 4.0 manual and I would ideally like to be able to find an LSD that'll fit/work in the d35TTB. I've read a lot of varied and conflicting info about what works/doesn't work. I don't want to get into as big of a project of SASing or D44 swapping. Going to...

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