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  1. steve63

    im getting lousy gas milage

    recently i checked the gas milage on my 90 ranger,and im only getting 20 mpg,the truck has 147k on it,its a 2.3 twin plug,3.73 gears,5 sp,has no engine codes,nothing in memory,tires are 205/70-14,the truck runs well,tire pressures are up at 32 all the way around,plus the bed is empty so its not...
  2. steve63

    wheres the blend door valve?

    getting ready to replace the blend door valve on my 90 ranger,only getting partial heat,ruled out the heater core as its flowing well,where is the blend door valve?
  3. steve63

    fiberglass door panels

    my 90 ranger is in need of new door panels ,giving up all hope of finding new door panels,im thinking of making some with fiberglass,since this is the base model ranger,the panels appear to be all poly-resin of some sort,so my question is;who ever has done them -did you have to make inner and...
  4. steve63

    seat upgrade

    have a 90 ranger wit the dreaded 1 piece bench seat:sad:,am thinking about looking for a 60/40 seat out of a early 90s expolder,or bronco II,will these seats fit,or do i have to get creative and fabricate.
  5. steve63

    90 or newer turbo

    did ford make a turbo 2.3 car after 1989?,id like to put the 2.3 turbo set up in my 90 ranger,but am limited by calif. same year or newer smog laws.
  6. steve63

    gas suckin power robbed ranger

    hey gang ,got a 90 ranger thats developing a problem,the truck is getting bad fuel milage ,about 15 m.p.g,but is acting like its starved for fuel,the truck seems to run ok,but while driving ,the power seems to fade in/out like its starved for fuel,the engine light has not come on except for...
  7. steve63

    water temp sender

    wheres the water temp. sending unit on a 90 ranger,2.3,twin plug,5sp.,seems to be acting like it has a bad conection,temp gauge is bouncin up/down.:icon_bounceblue:
  8. steve63

    dumb question

    ok ,my ranger-when i unscrew the oil cap when its running will sputter and almost die,is this normal?
  9. steve63

    plugs on drivers side

    i recently bought this 90 ranger,2.3,5sp,twin plug head,thinking it could use some new plugs,plug wires,my question s-how to you get to the drivers side plugs,do you have to pull the upper intake and alternator off?,or is there some other trick to it?
  10. steve63

    luke warm 90 ranger

    got a 90 ranger with a 2.3 with no a/c,when i turn on the heater it only gets luke warm,checked the heater core to see if it was clogged by flushing a garden hose through it,it flows just fine,the blend door seems to be working,im stumped?
  11. steve63

    power surge on 90 ranger

    i just bought a 90 ranger with a 2.3 lt 4 cly,with a 5 sp,it has a twin plug head,with the dis ign,it has been sitting for 6 years,the truck runs smooth,but has while its driving weird surges in power,thinking it could be a plug wire cutting in/out but not sure,any ideas?

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