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  1. thcscubajohn

    4.0 OHV how to tell which wire is for which o2 sensor

    I recently installed my engine and I can't figure out which plug is for which o2. They bothe dangle down from the middle and could go to either side. One has a pink wire protector and the other black.
  2. thcscubajohn

    For Sale TwEECer RT for sale $300

    I have one practically new tweecer RT for sale. Had it installed for a couple of weeks and decided to go a different direction. $300 shipped lower 48. $50 extra to ship it anywhere else.
  3. thcscubajohn

    Water pump pulley bolt size

    Does anyone know the size and thread pitch of the water pump pulley bolts? I got new 5/16x24, no luck. I'd figure it was metric but I have no idea. Thanks
  4. thcscubajohn

    Delete Manual transmission slip yoke

    I need a slip yoke for a M5ODr1 or the front part of the 2 piece driveshaft for a supercab 2wd manual. '94 4.0 but I think 2.3 manual may be the same
  5. thcscubajohn

    Are DEA and Anchor motor mounts garbage?

    Are solid 4.0 mounts from DEA or Anchor worth installing? I have the engine out ant the stock mounts are OK. However, they are 26 years and 160k miles old so I don't exactly feel comfortable not changing them.
  6. thcscubajohn

    1994 4.0 fuel pump connector color codes?

    Does anyone know which colors are what on a 94 4.0? (Sender, power, ground, ground) there's 4 wires and I think this is the proper circuit diagram but it doesn't show the actual connector.
  7. thcscubajohn

    What speedo gear do I need?

    M5od r1 non HD ratios. 3.73 final drive. 35" tires. Is there some sort of chart or something that'll tell me which gear I need?
  8. thcscubajohn

    '94 Ranger 4x4 HD

    So, I thought this belonged here; I'm "halfway" through building my 4.0. Here's the parts list: Brand new stock con rods ARP rod bolts 12.9 class head bolts Reman 98tm heads stock intake Delta 937 cam Comp cams sprimgs and retainers KB flat top hypereutectic pistons .030 Hastings plasma moly...
  9. thcscubajohn

    1994 Ranger 4x4 10.5 N/A build

    So I'm halfway through a project I've been wanting to do for years. I thought it would be a good idea to post it on here. I am building my truck, finally. I've got the Solo Motorsports stage 2 long travel kit for the front, a 40 gallon fuel tank is going behind the axle. And the stock 4.0 is...
  10. thcscubajohn

    Delete New Ford 4.0 V6 OHV hydraulic lifters vin X. Pack of 12.

    Pm me or shoot me an email. $120 set of 12 shipped. Lower 48 free shipping. Scubamaster777@gmail.com
  11. thcscubajohn

    '94 4.0 info needed

    Hello, so I rolled my 4x4 ranger and bought another 2wd truck to swap cabs. I just so happened to also be a 94 4.0 manual. The cab swallowed is done and I have an extra engine from the 2wd truck. I noticed that there is a cam position sensor in the back where a distributor would go on the 2wd...
  12. thcscubajohn

    Dana 35 clicking

    Hi guys, I've got an issue with my front axle that j can't seem to pinpoint. Whenever I drive I get a clicking noise that has gotten progressively worse and more frequent over the past year. It used to do it very infrequently, sometimes over bumps, now it makes the noise all of the time whenever...
  13. thcscubajohn

    T-5 or Viper 6 speed

    Hello TRS transmission community, the title says it all I'm torn between using a T5 or a Tremec Viper 6 speed for my Ranger project. I've mentioned in a couple other threads the details but will again. The drivetrain will consist of a 4.0 ohv built into a Morana 4.3 and is expected to reach ~...
  14. thcscubajohn

    Dana 35 carrier/housing upgrade

    Hello Ranger rangers, I am in the process of building a monster and need some suggestions. Im working with a 94 4L (soon to be a 4.3) gonna use everything Tom Morana makes for the ohv. The expected output is~ 450 ft lbs and im going to probably use a tremec viper 6 speed with a first gear ratio...
  15. thcscubajohn

    94 4.0

    Hello, I am going to do a complete Morana build on this engine, as well as various suspension and drivetrain modifications that I will make other threads for in their corresponding places. Reliable performance is the theme to this build. I am aware that I may save time money and hassle by...
  16. thcscubajohn

    Ranger 8.8 31 spline swap with stock housing

    Does anybody know where I can get 31 spline axles for a 94 ranger and what bearings I will need if I keep the 28 spline axle housing. I am going to load it up with 4.10s and a torsen lsd Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. thcscubajohn

    Dana 35 & ford 8.8

    Hey guys so I'm going to get some lockers for both diffs and am on the fence between lock right and spartan I want to get the spartan as its $100 less but I don't want to regret it later I use stock tire size and use it for a daily driver but when I go off the road, I don't come back anyone had...
  18. thcscubajohn

    Dana 35 selectable locker

    Hello I am trying to get a mechanical locker like an ox locker for the front differential in my 94 4.0 but am seeing that these come with replacement diff covers and my current diff cover is one of the I-beams what are my options I would like to keep the independent front suspension Sent from...
  19. thcscubajohn

    OHV MAF voltage low DTC

    EEC code 157 I think I had a bad alternator which I changed and still got this code I cleaned the MAF sensor and the elements looked fine but were dirty so this led me to believe that I have a bad ground or maybe vacuum leak I have checked all the vacuum lines with brake cleaner with the engine...
  20. thcscubajohn

    4.0 OHV speed limiter delete

    Does anyone know how to remove the speed limiter on a 94 4.0 OHV I believe it is a fuel cutoff but I'm not sure if it is in the pcm or somewhere else Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk

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