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  1. CSyd77

    Lower Timing Gear

    I'm having problems removing my lower timing gear on my 93 3.0. Any tips or tricks?
  2. CSyd77

    5R55e No OD or Reverse

    I'm working on a 99 4X4 with a 5R55e. There is little to no engagement in overdrive or reverse. I pulled the valve body and replaced the separator plate/gaskets and also performed a TSB update. Still have little to no engagement in either gear. 1, 2, and D (OD off) work fine. From what I've...
  3. CSyd77

    Starting problems

    Starter doesn't want to engage. Had it tested and passed 3/3 times. Tried to jump start with same result. Any thoughts? 93 Ranger 2wd automatic 3.0
  4. CSyd77

    Need a fan control switch for a non-A/C 94 ranger

    My dad's fan switch shorted out like a week ago. pulled it apart and the switch is all messed up. anyone willing to part with a blower motor switch? pm me with prices shipped to 61734
  5. CSyd77

    big dent

    I slid into a ditch a few months back and hit a telephone junction box. Now my passenger side rear quarter panel is dented really bad between the tire and cab. Is it worth attempting to replace the panel or should I just get a new bed all together?
  6. CSyd77


    Just sold my crap-mart subs and amp, gunna get 2 memphis audio MR12D4's and a PR 1000 amp on monday
  7. CSyd77

    rear quarter

    How easy is it to replace a rear quarter panel on a 93 long bed? Or should I just get a new bed? Im pretty sure its steel
  8. CSyd77


    Anyone done it before? I know there's a huge issue with torque and gas mileage, but im thinkin about doin it to my 93 when I get another truck. I was thinkin about a triple with twin turbos
  9. CSyd77

    351W or 460?

    Which one for an 88 4X4 ranger? I can prly get the 351 for cheaper and also get the t-case and a 5spd for it. A buddy of mine just told me about a 460 he's got layin around and got me thinkin...
  10. CSyd77

    cracks in cone

    I just picked up a couple of kenwood 12s that have minor cracks in the cone, is there any way of fixing this, could I just leave them with the small cracks, or should I just take them back?
  11. CSyd77

    racing seats

    Anybody got racing seats in a 3rd gen? I've been thinking about looking at some.
  12. CSyd77

    shallow mounts

    Anyone have some suggestions on a shallow mount sub? Im looking for something between the 8-12in range, preferably competition. I have looked at a pioneer 10, kicker 10 and 12, and MA audio 10
  13. CSyd77


    My mom just broke my passenger side mirror. I have actually been wanting new ones and now have a reason. Im sure this might have been asked before, but what different mirrors can fit on a 93-97 ranger? I kinda like the ones off my moms 99 taurus. Could they fit if I found some?
  14. CSyd77

    Ported vs Sealed

    I have 2 Sony 10s-1100W peak, 330rms with a 1000W 2chnl amp from Walmart in 2 separate boxes behind the seats in my single cab. this means VERY limited airspace (not for sure on the exact measurements, ill get a pic on here one of the days). i was wondering if i should port these. im hoping to...
  15. CSyd77


    Anybody switch all their lights out for LEDs? Any power bleed problems? My parking lights faintly flash with my turn signals and hazards. This only happens when my parking lights and headlights are off. My highmount from LMC comes on faintly whenever I turn the key causing the PCM to think the...
  16. CSyd77

    Speed Sensor???

    my ABS light has been on for a while in my 93. the ABS feels like it has kicked on like twice since its been on. also, recently my cruise control went out along with my overdrive (A4LD tranny). i just replaced the sensor in the rear diff. is there one on the tranny that might be the problem??
  17. CSyd77

    Chrome or Powder Coat?

    i know powder coating is cheaper, but chrome is more shiney black chrome sounds pretty sweet too
  18. CSyd77

    Fox Racing Grille

    not quite done yet, gotta get holes cut for more air flow, get it fit to the original shell, & still debating on powder coat or chrome---anyone have a preference?
  19. CSyd77

    thinkin about buyin a new CB

    http://cobra.com/products//29-WX-NW-BT-with-NOAA-Weather-All-Hazards-Alert-NightWatch-Illumination-and-Bluetooth-Wireless-Technology anyone know if its any good?
  20. CSyd77

    94 3.0 m5od

    my dad's got a 1994 2WD with what i believe is a mazda 5spd that is not wanting to go into gear. he pretty much has to slam it in. any suggestions? i was thinking bleeding, slave or clutch plates possibly thanks

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