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  1. Rusty Bouquet

    Possibly have a newer motor?

    According to what I read here, in the link below, the 3.0 had a distributor till 94. My 93 has no distributor. Is the info I'm reading correct? Thanks! https://therangerstation.com/tech_library/3_0performance.html
  2. Rusty Bouquet

    Flow rates for 3.0 heads?

    Does anyone know, or know where find, the factory flow rates for the 3.0 heads? Thanks.
  3. Rusty Bouquet

    Running boards question

    Will the running boards from a 2004 supercab fit my 1993 supercab? Lengthwise, I'm certain they would fit, but are the frame rails the same? Thanks again guys!
  4. Rusty Bouquet

    My "new" canopy!

    It's not an exactly perfect fit, but hey, it was free! That leaves some money in the budget for a cased of white spray paint...
  5. Rusty Bouquet

    dual fuel tanks?

    Were dual fuel tanks an option for the 93 supercab? I'm thinking about putting it in mine, but it would be nice if it were an option, so I could pull the system at a junk yard. Thanks!
  6. Rusty Bouquet

    Frame mount hitch for a 93...

    Looking at some frame mount towing hitches on craigslist, but I'm not sure what other years will work with my 93 4x4. Thanks.
  7. Rusty Bouquet

    Average mpg?

    What is considered normal mpg for the 3.0 4x4 with an auto (unknown mileage, but gotta be over 120,000))? Thanks!
  8. Rusty Bouquet

    Spark plug and fuel injector recommendations?

    What are some of your preferred spark plugs for the 3.0 dis? And what about injectors? Thanks!
  9. Rusty Bouquet

    The best wiring schematic for 93 xl?

    Is there a consensus on what the best wiring schematic is? PDF, print or tattooed on a pigs ass, I don't care. Thanks!
  10. Rusty Bouquet

    Does this scoop make my ass look big?!

    Fake it till you make it...
  11. Rusty Bouquet

    93 xl interior parts?

    I just tore my dash apart, to remove left over fleet truck wiring. It appears that Edawrd Scissorhands must have worked on it at some point. Most, if not all, the little push in fasteners are busted off, and the dash bezel(?) is all cracked up too. What other years of Rangers can I salvage...
  12. Rusty Bouquet

    93 Supercab suspension question...

    I see most Rangers have the front end lower than the rear. But how much is normal? I have about a 5" difference, front to back. Compared to all the others I see, it seems excessive. I feel like either the front is sagging(twin I beam), or the rear has been lifted... maybe both? I don't see...
  13. Rusty Bouquet

    Looking for custom bumpers in Portland Oregon

    I want some tube bumpers or something similar, with a winch mount for the front. Let me know what's available in the area! Thanks again!
  14. Rusty Bouquet

    Couple of quick questions to save me a little work...

    1. What tools would I need to take with me to the yard, to grab some head light assemblies and turn signals too? 2. What bulbs does the instrument cluster use, and how many? If someone can enlighten me, it would save some time and energy. Thanks.
  15. Rusty Bouquet

    3.0 bolt pattern vs. 2.3 bolt pattern...

    Any one know if the 3.0 and 2.3 bolt patterns are the same? Thanks.
  16. Rusty Bouquet

    Glad to be here folks!

    Just got this 93 4x4 xl. I'm not the sort to just leave shit alone, so I'll be going through the archives looking at what I can do to this thing.

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