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  1. kramdua

    tags and registration tomorrow.

    about a six month 350 chevy engine swap in a 1997 ford ranger. for the people that said the p/s and a/c wouldn't work. i say go back to school. chevy p/s pump with ford gear box. chevy a/c compressor adapted to a ford system. all gauges work even speedo but that is another story. turbo 350 trans...
  2. kramdua

    For Sale 1997 ranger 2.3 and 5 speed for sale. truck not for sale.

    my aunt gave me the truck with 36.500 miles. it was my uncles who just drove it to the vfw everyday till he died. she put 1,000 miles on it since 2012. her only wish was i can't sell it. so it's getting a small block. selling engine and trans only from a 1997 ford ranger with 36,500 actual...
  3. kramdua

    yes i am

    hi, 20 years ford dealer and now retired. alway's drove fords. it was like you had to. i am now getting back at them with my sbc ford ranger.

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