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  1. Thed

    Project American Cruiser

    Of all of the places I've made build threads for this truck, I've completely forgotten to post it here. I acquired her back in June and have loved every minute with her. Though she may have to be sold because of unforeseen circumstances. More on that at the end. - June - She is a 1968 with a...
  2. Thed

    Got a brake question for smart brake-loving people...

    So my '96 Ranger obviously has some nice Bendix dual-piston calipers that do a decent job bringing the mini truck to a stop... But theoretically what if I went to a setup that had a larger rotor but only a single-piston caliper? Although clamping pressure would be down, there would be more...
  3. Thed

    Could YOUR Ranger survive a TORNADO?

    Because this one did! Shame it fell onto a Raptor, but the man that was THROWN through the air in his Ranger lives to deliver again! LINK
  4. Thed

    Teddyzee and Iron Ranger... I need your help

    So I'm still planning my 302 swap with a T5 and I wanted to know what slave cylinders you used in your swaps. I was thinking of hetting this and fabbing up a bracket to make it fit. But then I saw that the manufacturer recommended at master cylinder with a 3/4" bore. Us Ranger dudes use a 5/8"...
  5. Thed

    Oh, LOOK! Not ANOTHER V8 build thread!!!

    Yep that's right. For the past year the only thing that I wanted to do was to get some parts for a turbo 2.3 setup. Sadly, that setup has no future with me anymore (got some turbo parts for sale, PM for details). So this thread begins!!! Today, I took a small, yet extremely important step...
  6. Thed

    Going for a '96 Explorer computer... need to confirm what to snatch

    Alright I gave up my whole 2.3 turbo fantasies and I'm just gunna slap a 302 in there (if only it were that easy). I'm about to go to the salvage yard tomorrow and grab the computer and wiring from a 96 Explorer. Now I have the weak little 2.3 in my 96 Ranger and I want to do a good build with...
  7. Thed

    A/C pressure too high

    Alright my A/C went out yesterday, and the compressor clicks on for a second and then clicks off for about 5-10. Like most people I just thought it needed more refrigerant, but when I put my recharge can up to the low pressure port (with a cheap gauge, mind you) it showed 150-130 PSI. When I...
  8. Thed

    E-fan conversion

    E-Fan Conversion - How To Alright guys I did an E-fan conversion today. Took me about 3 hours from the time I lifted the hood to the time I parked the Ranger in the drive way after the test drive. Alright first thing is first, the parts I used. Summit 16" 2010 CFM electric fan Wiring Kit w/...
  9. Thed

    EXEDY or Brute Power?

    My clutch is slipping and I narrowed it down to these two. My only question is which one? For $6 more I can get the Brute Power with an OE spec disc but stronger fingers on the pressure plate or I can get an EXEDY kit. Any one have experience with either clutches? Advice?
  10. Thed

    How I Was Able to Fit Two 10" Subs in a Single Cab

    I have a 1996 Ranger single cab with the five speed manual, :headbang: a Sony Xplod head unit powering 4 Kicker DS680's, and a Kicker 10CVT104 (note: shallow mount) powered by a Visonik 800 Watt, 400 RMS amp @ 4 ohms. I wanted to ditch the Kicker. The brand is highly overrated and very...
  11. Thed

    How to get a K&N FIPK for less than $200...

    So guys I just ordered a K&N FIPK for the '96 Ranger. This is for the 95-97 4-banger manual Rangers. AutoAnything has a policy that it will NOT be undersold on K&N products and will beat any deal by $10. Amazon has theirs for $204, which is lower than AA...
  12. Thed

    P1401 - I've tried everything...

    ...but the light won't turn off!!!!!!!!!!!! I replaced the DPFE sensor with a FoMoCo official part, I cleaned out the EGR tube, replaced the EGR valve, SeaFoamed the truck twice, and I replaced the vacuum solenoid. What else could there be? Could it be a vacuum...
  13. Thed

    Convert 2WD to 4WD: Is it possible?????

    I've been going crazy these last few days thinking that it just might be possible to convert DeLone (who is 2WD) to a 4WD truck... Now this thing is my daily driver, and I'm not going to be do doing anything too serious off-road, but I do want to be able to take it to something that isn't some...
  14. Thed

    DeLone: Then, now, and along the way

    Hey guys I'm here from Motor Trend Forums and Car Fanatics. This is what I posted there. It was Christmas of 2009, happily spending my days here in NC celebrating such a great day. I was showered with gifts just like all Christmases, but I thought, why not get a gift for myself? It was at this...
  15. Thed

    Warped brake drum?

    After the brakes have been warmed up and I've been driving for about 25 miles the rear passenger side brake starts to vibrate. There are no other vibrations when I'm driving. What in the world? :icon_confused:

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