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  1. Karbuster

    2003 FX4 Blue Steel Build

    Thought id put this in the right place since im making a major update to it anyway! page is under construction! My Truck 2003 FX4 4.0l V6 "Blue Steel" (yes thats a zoolander reference) Need to tune up the engine, inside and out, I can hear not good noises (probably just an exhaust valve)...
  2. Karbuster

    2003 4.0l 5 speed loss of pedal

    Suddenly the other day my clutch started acting up the list of details I know are as follows I have almost no resistance except for in the very end of pedal travel It is also hard to shift out of neutral without first pumping the clutch The fluid reservoir was "dry" when I checked it The...
  3. Karbuster

    Wiring diagram?

    2003 4.0L FX4 reporting in here wiring up an explorer overhead and desperately in need of a go to diagram of the brain under the dash... google is no help
  4. Karbuster

    Karbusters Build Thread

    Check out this thread for further updates! This is basically a copy/paste of my intro thread but without the intro inb4 some people say "but arent you essentially taking (insert username here)'s ideas?" Yes, some of the things i do have been done before, i may have even got the idea to do it...
  5. Karbuster

    Fourth of July weekend trip

    So The Ranger also now known as Blue Steel was loaded for the weekend and hauled our butts, gear and a boat over 5 mountain passes quite handily and without complaining... Too much... The convoy, my buddy is towing something a little bigger then the boat so he borrowed a bigger truck from his...
  6. Karbuster

    2003 Ranger suspension idea

    I was talking to my mechanic friend the other day about doing a suspension lift on my ranger and he said just to get the shocks out of an F 150 has anyone here ever done that and how well does it work compared to aftermarket suspension kits? Also if I do that should I get a small body lift like...
  7. Karbuster

    LED interior project

    My LED footwell illumination project this weekend, I'm rather pleased with it One or two more to come after it gets dark :) posted from Nexus 5
  8. Karbuster

    Door ajar sensor problem (located)

    So the ranger I have has had an electrical gremlin since the day I bought it and that is that one or both of the crew doors (truck is super crew, 2+2) door ajar sensor is not functioning properly. I have poked around in the shell of the door and since found one handle, two latches and one wire...
  9. Karbuster


    I tend to poke around your forums when I do work on my 2003 ranger and you guys never steer me wrong so I figured I might as well be able to talk Quick rundown of truck As it sits now 2003 FX4 4.0l V6 Mostly stock (just got it a couple years ago and haven't been financially able to seriously...

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