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  1. 509lifted

    dual tanks

    ok guys I have a 94 f250 with a 7.3 powerstroke diesel, it has the dual tanks and I have fuel in both but when I switch to the rear tank the gauge stays the same and doesn't switch to the back tank at all so I was wondering what it could be since Idk how to use a ohm meter to test the switch ned...
  2. 509lifted


    im back finally things are well and i moved on from tonka toys to the real deal, just picked up a 94 f250 7.3 turbo deisel powerstroke with 145k on the clock for 7k and loving the truck now, still own the b2 and expo but tryin to sell :headbang:
  3. 509lifted

    searched but couldnt find it

    im in the middle of removing my front driveshaft on my 84 b2 and cant get it out of the transfer case... I can pull it out enough for like when it flexs so it has play but cant pull it all the way out please help need this done today!!!
  4. 509lifted

    ok guys

    i have an add up in the classifieds so if you need any 2.8 parts hit it up or pm me with a price and see if I like it if not the worst I could say is no. there is also a 7.5 rearend with shocks and leaf springs that Im willing to let go of on the cheap and when I say cheap I mean 50 bucks and...
  5. 509lifted

    1992 expo-1984 b2

    ok so im gonna be swappinf the 4.0 and all the parts that will fit in the b2 here soon since it will be cheaper to swap and fix the slave rather than fix the slave and front end on the expo since i dont have time anymore to work on it and would be needing to take it to the shop, i was wondering...
  6. 509lifted


    havent been on much since i work full time and see my girl full time also haha, well the timing on the bike went to hell so i moved back to the explorer and now it wont shift into gear using the clutch and i only have about an inch of play in the clutch so im thinking slave cylinder but i would...
  7. 509lifted


    ok so since im not union and my company doesnt offer a 401k i am gonna be starting up a ira or whatever it is called and i have search online but couldnt find the exact way to do so, so any help would be much appreciated.
  8. 509lifted

    plans changed

    well as most know i was working towards moving to az, wellll i decided to stay here in washington and stay close to family and keep the great job i have. also keeping the expo, b2, and the bike so gonna be getting a place here soon and start working on the b2 and getting it lifted sas and v8...
  9. 509lifted

    well boys and girls.......

    i got paid today and went and got my bike :yahoo: :icon_hornsup: :icon_bounceblue: and makin around 813 every 2 weeks aint a bad way to get a jump on my move:D will post pics tomorrow after work since im about to pass out:icon_bounceblue:
  10. 509lifted

    got a job

    well got a construction job workin 40+ hours a week at 12 an hour and they will be training me to become a carpenter which starts at 23 an hour so im on the right track now and life is starting to look up for me. :yahoo: :icon_bounceblue: :headbang: :icon_hornsup:
  11. 509lifted

    venturi size

    ok so i need to know fast how to find the venturi size on a 2150 motorcraft carb, and before you say search well i have and cant find exactly where or message
  12. 509lifted

    bike guys

    ok so im going to look at a bike tomorrow its a 83 vt500 ascot with the vtwin and i was wondering if i get it is there a way to upgrade the suspention on these things
  13. 509lifted


    well i got my internet back up and rinning since i had been out of money for a while while doing side jobs, still tryin to get the exploder sold so i can get a bike, and waitin on a guy to get back to me on a job so i can start makin money again. still livin up in washington till i can make...
  14. 509lifted

    looking for

    a used bike to replace my explorer since i will be selling off both that and my bronco 2 and getting rid of 4 wheel vehicles for a while until i can afford to fix them and put gas in them, now im wondering what would be a good bike for a bigger guy that has rode dirt bikes his whole life...
  15. 509lifted

    leaf springs

    ok so i have a 92 expo and as most know the leaf springs are sprung under the axle, well my rear end sags so i was wondering would a helper spring work the same to lift it some as it would for a spring over setup? :icon_confused:
  16. 509lifted

    deffinantly something to watch

  17. 509lifted

    front end

    ok guys since not only will i be driving to arizona for my move i will be towing a little utility trailer to haul/live out of till i find a job i figured i would get my front end fixed, and by fixed i mean bearings/balljoints/ tie rods and all the stuff that shops do when you get your front end...
  18. 509lifted


    ok guys im looking for a job and from what i have heard i have a decent resume for a 19 year old, but from what i have noticed is i lack skills in the department of going through interviews. I get really nervous to the point that i shake and figit. I really need to find ways that help you guys...
  19. 509lifted

    transfer case

    ok so i have searched and searched and when i thought i couldnt find it i searched again and for some reason cant find out if i am able to swap my manual shift transfer case off my 84 b2 on to my 92 explorer that has an electric shift transfer case. so if anyone knows of a thread talking about...
  20. 509lifted


    well as of tonight i got kicked outta my place so im livin out of my explorer now till i can make gas money to make it down to arizona. i was wondering if anyone on here from that area could help me out on how much rent would be in the chandler area or close to that? i looked online but im not...

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