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  1. PaleBlue90

    ignition help

    hey yall, i got a 88 ranger 2.9 5speed 4x4. its the stx package, but no power windows. the starter solnoid went out so i replaced it. i have power going to it but nothing going to the starter, starter works if i jump it with a screw driver, but the truck wont work by turning the key, no power at...
  2. PaleBlue90

    im back in the saddle with a ranger!

    hey everyone im back! the rockcrawler finally has a trans and i got a new dd. a 88 ranger stx. ill post pics tomorrow after i trade my 64 olds for her. im glad to be back!:headbang:
  3. PaleBlue90

    hey everyone.

    im still alive. i broke my comp so its hard to get on the net anymore, ill get a new one after i get my new ride taken care of....i sorta joined the subaru crowed. i picked up a 95 impreza coupe. 2.2 auto. i have big plans for it. track only for me. i get to drive again and i wont lose it...
  4. PaleBlue90

    size diff d28 vs d35

    a guy on my local 4x4 fourms is looking at a ranger. can anyone post good pics of the size diffrence between the d28 and the d35. like ujoint diffrence, pinion diffrence etc.? plz and thanks:beer:
  5. PaleBlue90

    back from moab

    no pics yet, dad had to beat it to work....got home at 430am today......me my dad and our bud tj went out to moab, we loaded up and left around 4am sat. got to moab around 2. played on fins n things till 3am. got up sunday at 9am, went to mussleman arch, left moab at 7pm. the jeep has a issue...
  6. PaleBlue90

    my new gun

    bought my 1st hand gun. Ruger Blackhawk revolver i got the one that shoots 45 long colt and 45 ACP. sorry about the pics, there taken with my MAC's web cam. im going to shoot it tomorrow so ill have pics up in my thread in show off your truck.
  7. PaleBlue90

    i get to start goin on the truggy again!!

    so i got some money from when my mom passed away. i get it every few months. the ranger is now goin to my buddys shop and i get to get going on it again. i dont have much more to go. but it will be a while yet as ive decided to turbo it and truss the front d30. my specs are (was) 90 ranger reg...
  8. PaleBlue90

    built in web cam staying on (MACBOOK)

    so my built in web cam in my mac book is staying on. i cant find anything were its streaming video or takein pics. i close the mac book to let it charge and i can see the green light still on telling me my built in web cam is staying on. what gives? ive got all the current updates. it did this...
  9. PaleBlue90

    she finally drew blood on me

    so im trying to get my stock pitmen arm off my 90, i need to put my superlift 4in drop pitmen arm on. i cant get this damn thing off. ive tryed a pitmen arm puller and a pipe wrench with no luck. do i break out the impact and a big socket? anyone know the size of the nut? i used the pipe wrench...
  10. PaleBlue90

    anyone ever used these tires?

    my dad and me are lookin at these for my our rigs and were wondering if anyone has ever tested these? http://www.goodyeartires.com/cfmx/web/goodyeartiresel/details.cfm?product=354
  11. PaleBlue90

    a long shot but......

    i was browsing the local 4x4 fourm and came arcross this http://www.colorado4x4.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=170641 the guys said the people were from missouri and had another ranger with them. just wanted to make shure its no one on here:icon_thumby:. sad to see a ranger go out this way.....:sad:
  12. PaleBlue90

    i need some help with my mac

    been useing my macbook with osx lepord on it. well tonight it just went to a blue screen and wouldnt do anything, i installed the recovery disk and im viewing the desktop. it says i cant use my itunes as it was created by a newer version:icon_confused: it wont let me upload my pics to iphoto ...
  13. PaleBlue90

    wheel opinions

    well im thinking switching rims on my truggy. it currently has wheels from a 04 jeep rubicon. i like them but i want a 15inch wheel. they are 16's i found these http://www.racelinewheels.com/p-233-rt233-monster-diamond.aspx i really like them. now my question is. what wheels would you choose...
  14. PaleBlue90

    the time has come

    so im finishing my truggy build but i want to be able to pull the passes with out shifting down to 2nd. my truck right now has the following hp d30 out of a yj with 4.10's, OX Locker and a fx4 8.8 with 4.10's and a torson LS it has a 2.3 .30 over, forged crank,forged rods,and a RV Cam. i want...
  15. PaleBlue90

    nascar angels bronco 2

    anyone see this? a bronco 2 with a 302:D sharp lookin rig!. part one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfGvM1bGVjA&feature=related part two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXgS-MWjVWI&feature=related
  16. PaleBlue90

    another poor ranger...

    i like slammed trucks but this is dumb IMO http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/1746186155.html
  17. PaleBlue90

    exploder help

    so my dad has the chance at a 92 exploder 2wd with a A4LD...... the motor lost oil pressure and he got told it has something to do with the timeing chain tensioner. would that be true? what major things cause these 4.0's to lose oil pressure? he can get it for 100$:annoyed: i swore that after...
  18. PaleBlue90

    tranny line ?

    i need know what the length and diameter of the lines that go to the cooler from the tranny. its a 4.0 with a A4LD
  19. PaleBlue90

    most valuble axles fronts and rears

    so im goin to start snagging axles that people want. heres my list so far. 8.8 disk 8.8 drum d60 rear d60 front d44 rear d44 front d70 rear ford 9in sterling 10.25 ttb d35 eb d44 anyone got any others i should look out for?
  20. PaleBlue90

    2000 explorer voltage issue

    my buddys exploder is acting up. i gave him my 130 alt, it hookes up. new battery,new wires. and the gauge reads low and the battery light is on. he let someone take a look at it and they put the batt in backwords. now his radio doesnt work. i think it is toast. everything else works. it just...

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