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  1. mnewman

    PATS repair 1998

    I just picked up a '98 V8 Explorer for really damn cheap but it did not come with keys. There is damage to the lock cylinder as well. The story was that it was stolen then the old man let it sit and lost the key. Not sure how they even got it started. Part of me thinks they stole it with the key...
  2. mnewman

    FM145 Input shaft play

    Greetings folks. I picked up a used FM145 for my '86 BII. There is a bit of play in the input shaft, like .010 or so. My question: is that normal or is that an indicator that it has excessive wear? The truck it was pulled from had 129K on it.
  3. mnewman

    Wanted SOHC 4.0L

    Looking for a running 4.0L SOHC for my 2003 Ranger within a couple hours of Cincinnati, OH.
  4. mnewman

    Duff lift and what else?

    Getting ready to order the Duff Stage II 3" lift kit. What else do I need to order and replace while I'm in there? This is not a project I'm looking forward to so I'd like to do it once. Until I break something. Do I need the drop pitman arm with 3"? Do I need to need the pivot arm bushings? Do...
  5. mnewman

    Runs bad when cold

    1988 Ranger 2.9 with auto trans. I got this as a non-running truck but it fired right up after I changed the ECM relay. It ran fairly good on 7 year old gas. Just had a small hesitation when you'd hit the throttle. Fast forward a few month and one day it just started missing terribly and the...
  6. mnewman

    Wanted WTB - 1986 2.9 Airbox lid & D35

    I need the lid for the air box for a 1986 2.9 I would also like a D35 to swap out my D28. Bonus if it's got 4.10s.
  7. mnewman

    Trans Swap - Is it worth it?

    Hi guys. I have an '86 BII with the FM145 and BW 1350 tcase. The truck was originally an automatic but the previous owner swapped it with the FM145 but never finished the linkage for the manual shifter. I'm having a hard time find the last lever off the BW1350 to make it work right. Also the...
  8. mnewman

    Rear windows

    How hard is it to remove the rear side windows? Mine are leaking and the local shop wanted $600+ to remove, reseal and replace the rear windows and install a new windshield. I don't have that laying around plus if there is any rust problems I'd like to treat and paint or cut out and replace...
  9. mnewman

    Floor linkage / bracket to transfer case

    Greetings. I'm cleaning up the 5spd swap on my '86 BII. Truck was originally an auto w/the floor mounted transfer case shifter. The previous owner swapped in a FM145 5spd. I'm assuming it was out of a ranger because the front drive shaft is old and crusty and the rear is brand new. Dude bragged...
  10. mnewman

    Rough Idle + missing (random)

    I wasn't sure how to search for this. Everything that came up didn't really sound like what was happening. The truck runs great ('88 5spd) and then, all of a sudden, it will start missing badly, it will barely idle and as one would think, has no power. Then anywhere from 5 sections to 5 minutes...
  11. mnewman

    Wanted Seat for '86 Ranger or B2, shifter, shifter boot

    Looking for a seat for my 1986 B2 with blue. Also looking for the shifter, shifter boot and whatever holds the shifter boot down for a 5spd with manual transfer case.
  12. mnewman

    Transmission Identification

    Hello. I recently acquired an '86 BII. It was originally an auto but it was swapped to a 5 spd at some point. The gear selector is sloppy and kinda twists. I'm assuming I need a shifter repair kit. How do I identify which trans is actually in the truck? I'd like to order the correct parts the...
  13. mnewman

    High / Fast Idle

    I did a bit of searching and tried some stuff to no avail. I have an '88 2.9 w/auto. As of now it will not idle below 1600 RPMs. I drove it, ran fine, parked it and the next morning I have this problem. Vac lines aren't leaking. Swapped MAP sensor off a good running truck. Same result. Unplugged...
  14. mnewman

    Swap in cruise control?

    Greetings all. I thought there was an article showing the steps to swap in stock cruise control onto a truck without. I have searched but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a link? Or am I mistaken and that doesn't exist? I have two '88s. One with cruise and tilt column but the other does...
  15. mnewman

    '88 TPS code.

    Hi all. New to me '88 2wd 5spd. Chasing down the CEL and a nasty hesitation. Ran the codes and got: 21 - ECT sensor out of range (sensor is missing due to mechanical gauge; I will be fixing this) 23 - TPS sensor out of range/ set to high 67 - Neutral fault So I went and tested with the volt...
  16. mnewman

    1988 Ignition removal without key

    I just got a (probable) parts truck. I did not get a key. Can I remove the ignition cylinder without destroying anything without having they key?

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