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  1. engine smoke problems..

    My truck was sitting for some time before i bought it.. it was used to go mudding... ive been driving it for about a month and no real issue... it had codes for some miss fires in a 3 pistons... i havnt gotten around to fixing it... and was puttering around... I noticed the fuel tank vent was...
  2. help Identifying part

    I have a 89 2.9l v6 that is http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/2_9_Page.html on the second photo down.. driver side valve cover near cylinder #4, entangled below hoses and electrical wires is a round black cap held to the valve cover with a rubber friction seal, and a hose running...
  3. a4ld failing?

    I bought this 89' 2.9l ranger 4wd, automatic, a few months ago, I'm assuming it never had its tranny fluid changed. its fluid is dark like oil, fluid is full and doesn't leak, it had a little smell but it didnt smell like something burnt i have a feeling the transmission might be going but i am...
  4. 1989 ranger front fender

    it got too dark out for me to do much of anything with a few dents in the front fenders.. i found 4 screws under the hood, and 3 in the tire well, does anyone know if I need to pull the headlights for more?
  5. original 1989 ranger rims?

    I recently bought a 4x4 ranger 130k miles for 400$ bucks it needs some work and I'm fixing/restoring as I go... my understanding is the original rims came in alloy or aluminum, mine have some pealing black paint, with some metal under it.. Could they have been painted straight from ford?
  6. using 4x4 on 1989 ranger?

    I just bought my first 4x4 my ranger is a automatic has the shifter for the transfer case, not buttons on dash... and it looks like I have the kind where you need to lock the hubs... When I bought my ranger the manual didn't show what position is what.. and the original shifter handle has been...

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