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  1. backroad101

    Saginaw pump

    So I swapped in a Saginaw pump back at the beginning of July. Rebuilt with new $37 pump from Oriellys and swapped in the longer shaft so it would work. Seemed nice and quiet for a month but since then it is back to being loud (maybe louder) at parking lot speeds. I'm kinda done with it. So...
  2. backroad101

    Disassembling a Saginaw for rebuild

    So how does one separate the pump from the reservoir on the Saginaw? I removed the 3 hex bolts and removed the horseshoe bracket. Also removed the two 14mm bolts on the back of the pump. Only thing left on one large bolt that is on a block on back or reservoir (as noted with red mark in pic)...
  3. backroad101

    Towing damage?

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes So yesterday my truck died on the road (bad crankshaft position sensor) and I needed to get towed by AAA back to the house. The guy brought a regular tow truck (the non flatbed kind). Where my truck stopped made to to where he...
  4. backroad101

    Wont start

    So drove the truck briefly yesterday. Went to drive it this morning and it would not start. Turns over but wont start. As a first step I pulled the starter and took it to both ORiellys and Autozone to have it tested. Tested good Tomorrow I am going to change out the fuel filter and check...
  5. backroad101

    Sound cuts in and out when volume turned up

    So, about a month ago help a buddy install a stereo in his Explorer. Pretty basic. Four Sony 5x7 4-way speakers 4 channel Alpine amp 2 line out converter Factory head unit We got everything wired up and it worked perfectly for about a month. Now, the sound is cutting out if the volume is...
  6. backroad101

    Full length Explorer center console

    So I think i will try to get a full length console tomorrow from the salvage yard. Research shows to remove it is only 3 bolts up front, 2 in the middle then a little muscle to push the console back and out, correct? Also, any other brackets I need to get? I think there is one bracket up...
  7. backroad101

    Heater core

    Quick question. Is the only way a heater core would go bad is if it starts leaking?
  8. backroad101

    Inexpensive 4/3 ch Amp suggestions

    Cooler boombox build Ok, I need suggestions on a cheap 4 channel amp where ch 1 and 2 will power some 5X7s and ch 3/4 can be bridged to power one 8in sub. I am building something similar to one of these and am looking for an inexpensive amp. I've seen Boos and SoundStorm on Amazon but dont...
  9. backroad101

    Parts Search

    I looked around but did not see. Was wonder if there is a sticky thread somewhere that lists part numbers? For example, I just got valve covers for my 4.0L and had to end up calling a dealership to get the part numbers. I was wondering, now that I have these part numbers, is there a thread...
  10. backroad101

    4.0L OHV Valve covers

    My valve cover(s) are leaking slightly because they are slightly warped. Here are my questions. 1. OEM replacements are the only options? Nothing cool in the aftermarket? 2. Would a leaky valve cover cause a (at times) jumpy oil pressure gauge? 3. What are the part numbers? All I could find...
  11. backroad101

    New issue

    So was driving home from work tues. Drove approx 7 minutes in the city then 2-3 min on highway and my temp gauge pegged. No change in drivability. Immediately pulled over and shut truck off. Restarted 5 min later, gauge returned to normal and i drove another 10 min home with no issue. Ate a...
  12. backroad101

    Oil Pressure Sensor

    So I replaced my Oil Pressure Sensor back in March. Symptoms were that if i drove the truck past a certain length of time (usually highway), when I came to a stop at a light or something, my Oil Pressure gauge would start to go nuts. Sometimes it was only if i was sitting still, foot on brake...
  13. backroad101

    Upgrading Sound

    So, I am thinking of upgrading my sound either in the spring or on a random warm weekend over the winter. I think I have pretty much everything I need from a system I pulled from a previous car (except for needing 2 more door speakers and line out converters to use with the stock head unit)...
  14. backroad101

    Front alignment after brake job

    Got my alignment done 2 weekends ago. Then, this past weekend I did (myself) my front pads and rotors. Now my alignment seem off again. Thoughts? 99 4wd Ranger .
  15. backroad101

    Ceramic pads on clearance $9.99

    Advance Auto Friction Master Ceramic Pads Part No. CMX652 http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_Ceramic-Pads-Friction-Master_5520070-P_219_R%7CGRPBRCOAMS____ Got these a couple weeks ago and installed them over this past weekend. So far so good and obviously a...
  16. backroad101

    Resurface rotors - Anything else?

    So I just ordered some ceramic pads. With the rotors, either getting them resurface (probable) or replaced (depending on their condition). My question is is there anything else I should check or looked at while the rotors are off? 99 4wd 4.0L automatic
  17. backroad101

    Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford

    http://www.amazon.com/Lisle-14540-Headlight-Adjusting-Ratchet/dp/B0002SR8AK Just bought this to adjust the headlights on my 99. Tried various tools I had and space is limited so decided to buy this. Will let know how works. Thought Id post so others have a reference when searching. .
  18. backroad101

    Power Steering bracket 4.0L OHV

    Anyone know if the power steering mounting bracket is the same in an early 90's (91sih) 4.0L as it is a 99 4.0L. This is the bracket the power steering mounts in and the AC compressor mounts on top. .
  19. backroad101

    Remember the GMC Syclone? I want to build a Ranger version.

    Pics? No need to wait for wheels, we can imagine
  20. backroad101

    Photo Radar in Illinois - begins July 1st!!

    I do not live in Illinois and cannot vouch for the validity of this, but thought I would pass it on. . Photo Radar in Illinois - begins July 1st!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSING THIS INFORMATION ONTO YOU SO YOU CAN AVOID A BIG...

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