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  1. kmdracer

    Anyone have the manual or specs?

    Okay, I've searched, both here and elsewhere, and not been able to find the info I'm looking for. Vehicle: 2000 Ranger XLT Extended Cab, 2 wheel drive, 3.0 flex, 5spd manual. When I bought it last month, the shocks were shot, and the swaybar end links were bad also. When I replaced the shocks...
  2. kmdracer

    New guy from Texas

    I bought a 2000 Ranger last month for my daughter. It's the XLT extra cab, 3.0 flex and 5 speed manual. It had 189,000 miles on it and rode pretty bad, had very little power. The day I bought it: Daughter's first reactions: Taught daughter how to change spark plugs, oil and filters...

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