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  1. Replacing the insturment cluster on a 2007 Ranger

    Hello, I need to replace the instrument cluster on my 2007 Ranger. It has a tach. I contacted a place called the instrument cluster store and they have one. However, they say that it is not a simple plug in procedure, and that it needs to go to a dealer to do this. Is this so, and is there...
  2. Engine bucking and kicking then wont run. No ck engine light

    4 cyl 2.3 2007 5-speed. A aStarted all of a sudden. Started gradually and got worse then would not run at all. No check engine light. I changed the fuel filter as the old one was very old. No change. Seems like a fuel starvation problem. Any suggestions guys?
  3. Wacked-out check engine light

    My ck engine light comes on and the speedometer drops to zero and the temp gauge dies and the tire pressure monitoring system comes on and intermittantly starts flashing--all at the same time. The engine will run fine, but once I turn it off it will not restart. The tires need no air. I took it...
  4. Need bolt size for replacing outside door handle

    Hi, got this new handle from Parts Geek in one day! I know to drill out the rivits but I need new bolts and do not know the size. Anyone know? Thanks!
  5. Cellphone charging port is dead. 2007 Ranger

    Hi, my 2007 Ranger 4 cylinder recently got the problem of a dead cellphone charging port in the dash. I checked and found a fuse blown. Don't know why it blew. I think it is number 34 or 35, in the passenger kick panel. I checked for power to the fuse and it was there, so I replaced the fuse...
  6. 1985 cab-chassis axle ratio?

    HI, I just bought a 85 Ranger motorhome and don't have it home yet. I think this is built on a cab chassis and a 2.8 five speed. Seems to have a luxurious interior, somewhat. Any idea what the rear axle ratio might be. I looked at EPA fuel figures, and this is the lowest of all Rangers listed...
  7. 1983 Ranger Scamp motorhome

    1985 Ranger Scamp motorhome https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/17554018_1899196420364499_4634706003914125949_n.jpg?oh=86ad2259ff14bff6154929f67fcf7e4e&oe=595EF079 Hello folks! I want to show you all my new-to-me 1985 Ranger Scamp motorhome. I hope this link works. If it doesn't...
  8. Just bought an '85 with the 2.8. Need information on this engine

    Hi, I just bought a Ranger custom Motorhome with a Scamp camper built onto the back. I'll post pics when I actually get it home. It's in Wisconsin and I am in Baltimore. It has the 2.8 and 57k miles. Can some folks chime in and let me know about this engine. I know it was first available in the...
  9. 1985 Ranger floor pans...Need new ones

    HI, I'm buying a 85 ranger that is a motorhome. It's called a Scamp, it's in Wisconsin. It had a leak in the windshield and water got in and settled in the floor pan on the driver's side. No apparent damage except the floor pan needs to be replaced. My question is this: what is the best floor...
  10. Oil switch location/ broke down on side of road

    Don't see why it couldn't still be a stuck switch, but the say they did troubleshoot it. I've found some switches that sound warnings for low pressure with a fudge. I'd have to run several wires though. For now Ill do nothing.
  11. Oil switch location/ broke down on side of road

    Got a call from the shop. They say I have good pressure, but there is a short in the dash cluster. Two hours to remove it and probably then needs to be replaced. I think I should install an under dash pressure gauge of some kind, but then I would not have a light. What should I do?
  12. Oil switch location/ broke down on side of road

    Yes, all else is well. Oil level good and no engine noises. I hit a bump and the light came on. Couldn't risk driving, so it was towed to a shop. They are looking at it now. I saw a switch near the filter, looked good, but is exposed to water and salt. Advanced Auto has few...
  13. Oil switch location/ broke down on side of road

    Hi, I hit a bump and my oil light came on. 2007, 2.3. Might be a false reading. All else is good. Could this be a symptom of a bad switch? I see the switch near the oil filter. I there another one some other place? Thanks!
  14. Can my Ranger carry a slide-in camper?

    Hi, I've got the idea that I might want one of those slide-in campers, but I don't know if my Ranger can actually carry it. I've got a 2007 5-spd 2.3 with 3.73 rear end. I've got the short bed, and the camper in question may fit it. I'm not sure how much it weighs, but probably 1200# at least...
  15. Slide in camper..Got one for sale?

    Hi, looking for one of those old style slide-in campers that will fit my 6' bed 2007 Ranger. Anyone know where I can find one. Not too many around these days. Thanks!
  16. Spark plug boot tool

    Thanks. Not much Forum info on the 2001-2011 2.3 for spark plug removal. Should I get new wires? dielectric grease.
  17. Spark plug boot tool

    Is there a special tool for removing the spark plug boots? I need to change plugs, and they are way down there. Is it difficult to do? Any tips. Need to pass emissions.
  18. Where is the evaporative emissions canister located?

    You were right. That fixed the problem. thanks! Only left the neg cable off for five minutes. This is the first vehicle I've ever owned with OBD computer. I suppose it is good and bad. Actually, it is an amazing development. Vehicles today are so complex.:icon_confused:
  19. Where is the evaporative emissions canister located?

    Can I clear the po455 code without a scanner? Don't have one. I would need to convince Advance Auto to do it.

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