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  1. Torx bit size?

    I am disassembling the dash on my 1987 Ranger and I am removing the harnesses on the steering column (so I can remove the steering shaft to pull the cab off the frame), but I am not finding a torx bit size in my set to remove the main ignition harness, anyone know what gives?
  2. Exhaust ports 2.0 2.3

    Are they the same configuration? I found this quote "2.0 is an underbored 2.3, with the exception of the bore the blocks are identical to all 2.3" Can I use a header from a 2.3 on my 2.0? Sorry, newbie question I'm sure, but I have to ask.
  3. Wanted 1987 block off plate.

    The plate that blocks off where a mechanical fuel pump would mount on a 2.0L.
  4. Bed bolt question

    In trying to remove the T55 bed bolts, 2 clips have broken. I shot them from below with Bolt Buster and let the set for a while before attempting to remove. Any one have a solution for removal? Thanks!
  5. 2.0L ('83-'88) MCU

    What does it control on a 2.0 with a carb?
  6. 2.3L ('83-'97) Is there a sticky on converting a fuel injection motor to carb?

    My Ranger is a carb model 1987, someone put in a 2.3 fuel injection motor. Took the plate off and put a mechanical fuel pump on. The problem I think is he may have used the distributor from the 2.0 for the vacuum advance. I am a neophyte and I am not sure where to start.
  7. 2.0L ('83-'88) 1987 cranks, has spark, won't fire

    I just picked up this Ranger and I can't get it to run. It is a carburator version, put on a replacement engine that was an EFI. The guy I got it from put on a new distributor, cap, coil. It had the plate removed and a mechanical fuel pump bolted on the block. I am have no knowledge when it...

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