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  1. air from dash vents when heater is off

    1990 ranger non a/c 2wd.....when driving down the highway with the heater completely off, you can feel air coming out of the dash vents.... no issues with hot or cold, so I am guessing its not the blend door.... any ideas???
  2. cowl drains

    is there any way to check the cowl drains for blockage without pulling the fenders off??? the water leak is mostly on the pass side.....I have checked the body sealer on the drip rail and have checked the lower corners for rust and didnt see any... you can sometimes see where the water runs down...
  3. odd turn signal issue

    every so often I have an issue with the turn signals......when stopped with foot on the brake the left turn signal does not flash...... will start flashing again when you start moving, you can switch to the right turn signal and it works fine when stopped and the left still does not flash after...
  4. anti theft for 90 ranger 2.3

    found pry marks on my slider window today.... is there something I could do to to keep an amateur from stealing my truck??
  5. RIP minitruckin magazine

    saw on a few other forums that the magazine shut down....I guess with the internet people dont buy magazines anymore
  6. more rat rod mod ideas

    any more rat rod ideas guys and gals??? thought about ditching the bumper, but not sure on that one
  7. rat rod interior for my ranger

    been looking at many pics on the internet of rat rod interiors....trying to figure out what to do to make it more rat rodish......here is what I got so far one thing I want to do is find a well worn aftermarket steering wheel and maybe a spinner knob
  8. floor covering

    my big rubber mat in my truck is falling apart....dont want to put carpet in it.... any low buck ideas for the floor... doing herculiner would be cool, but dont even have the money for that right now
  9. pic request... 1st or 2nd gen

    without a rear bumper , spare tire or rollpan
  10. got in a wreck today with a lowered s10!!!!

    was driving around with the wife today and was making a left turn and this lowered mid 90s s10 came out of nowhere...I stopped and he planted the brakes, slid(was wet out) and hit me nearly head on.... his left front headlight was smashed and I am not sure what other damage he had...... he was...
  11. my wheeler

    bought this in 2006 to replace my dying FSB...kinda fell into my lap at the right time.... it was stock except for the wheels and a front axle truss... I put a 4" lift on it 33"bfg mudders, flowmaster exhaust, a fabtech prerunner bar and some KC daylighter.... drove it this way for a few years...
  12. anybody try to use this style shift boot on 88+ ranger??

    been looking at changing my shift boot to something more towards the rat rod theme I am going for on my ranger..... will this work with the taper and neckdown near the floor on the shifter??? I know it will need some kind of modification to work and was wondering if anybody had tried it
  13. steering wheel interchange ???s

    what other ford steering wheels will work on a 1990 ranger???.... was thinking of see what I can find at the junkyard, just wanted to know what rigs to look at
  14. opinions on exhaust for the rustbucket rat???

    looking for something that will fit the rat rod theme but not sound ricer(like a glasspack)..... it's a 90 2.3 4 cyl BTW.... currently has stock exhaust.... thinking of kicking it out the side in front of the rear tire for the new setup....... my 88 had a glasspack and a dual monza tip for...
  15. the rustbucket rat

    back in march I bought this ranger for $1100 for a daily driver... I can never leave anything stock so at first I was looking at an offroad build.... then discovered how spendy that can be...... so after seeing "the good, the bad, the ugly " buildup I decided to do a rat rod build.... here is...
  16. 90 longbed's slow ranger build

    on march 1st I picked up this ranger for $1100 off craigslist......90 longbed 2wd, 2.3, 5 speed cream on red, drop in bedliner, 27/8.50/14 maxxis bravo radials everything else I saw in this price range was junk....like this truck thats still on craigslist for $1250 the bad on what i...
  17. did some poormans bodywork

    got bored yesterday and did a little poormans bodywork ......used a telephone pole, ratchet strap, a bfh and a few other tools and turned this..... into this not perfect but this will work.... looks better than before
  18. is my ranger an S model??

    I have a 90 longbed, 2.3, 5 speed,rwabs, reg bench seat, rubber floormat, no p/s a/c no power windows or door locks, slider rear window, interval wipers, radio is aftermarket that was in the truck when I got it, steel wheels with hubcaps...... the 88 shortbed I had was an S model...had 2.0, 5...
  19. fuel tank sending unit ground location on 90 ranger??

    I know on the older rangers (83-88) the ground is on the door side of the steering column screwed in the dash, but where is it on a 90 longbed 2.3 5 speed????just want to check it before I crawl under the truck to find the sending unit.... and does anybody know if i can get to the sending unit...
  20. wiring diagram for windshield washer on 90 longbed??

    my windshield washers are inop on my ranger..... the pump is dead, but there is also no power going to the pump when you push the washer on the turn signal lever...... the haynes manual I have doesnt have a diagram for the washer

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