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  1. PlumCrazy

    Gibson Single Exit Cat back

    Does anyone have a few pictures of a Gibson single (behind tire) installed on a 93 or newer truck? I'm curious if the tailpipe is long enough to make it out from under the bed without the chrome tip bolted on.
  2. PlumCrazy

    Wanted 1995-97 Explorer 5.0 computer and other parts

    Just as the title states...I need a computer (AKA: ECU or PCM) for a 95-97 5.0 Explorer and I also need an air box and tube for a 95-97 Explorer 5.0 (the style it uses the cone filter with the MAF inside the box) I am in Central Ohio (43046) but will pay shipping
  3. PlumCrazy

    Found! 95-97 Gray Driver's side Seat Belt

    I need a driver side seat belt (complete with retractor and shoulder ring) for my 97 regular cab Ranger. *Must be from a 95, 96, or 97 Ranger* **Must be gray** Potentially a SuperCab setup will work, but I would need a few pictures/part numbers to confirm I'm in Central Ohio, but will pay...
  4. PlumCrazy

    Wanted CHEAP/FREE 93-97 LIGHTS / TRIM

    Like the title says....Im looking for headlights and corner lights as well as the trim around the corner lights for a 93-97 Ranger. Just using them for a wall hanger/decoration, so broken tabs or crappy finish is fine. Ill pay for decent stuff, but if its headed to the garbage Ill happily take...
  5. PlumCrazy

    Wanted 5.0 Explorer Parts (MAF, PCM, Air box)

    Like the title says I a need some parts to finish my 5.0 swap. I need a MAF, PCM, and potentially an airbox. Must be from a 95-97 5.0 Explorer or Mounty I also need the plate between the engine a trans from a 5 speed small block truck Willing to pay shipping or pickup if you localish to...
  6. PlumCrazy

    95-97 Ranger radiator options?

    I have searched for weeks with no luck.....I am looking for a bolt in 3 row radiator for a 95-97 Ranger with a 4.0. Does anyone know of any place that makes/made them? I can find pre 95 all day long as well as 98+, but the newer rads are too wide and the older ones have interference issues...
  7. PlumCrazy

    5.0 or 4.6 fuel reg on 4.0

    Does anyone know if a fuel pressure reg from a 4.6 or maybe a 5.0 will bolt up to the 4.0 rail? They all use the 2 bolt flange with an oring nipple, but just curious if any are the same mounting dimensions. I really like how clean and simple these regs are...
  8. PlumCrazy

    Picture request. Rangers with service/utilty beds

    Looking to see what all is out there. Anybody with a service bed on their Ranger or that knows of anybody with one...snap a few pichers please.
  9. PlumCrazy

    BBK Instacharger Kit Belt

    Anyone running the old BBK M62 kit that could tell me the part # or belt length they are running? With or with without AC would be helpful. I'm sure I can figure it out when I bolt up the blower, but Id like to have everything ready to go before hand.
  10. PlumCrazy

    Ingector Question

    Quick injector question... Are the pencil style injectors from a 99 Cobra interchangeable with the older fat style injectors besides the difference in electrical connector? Im not worried about the physical height or length, but Im not sure about the electronic side. I know there are...
  11. PlumCrazy

    Flat tops with 98 crank?

    Soo. I have an 8 bolt crank from a 98TM motor that had the lighter pistons..can I get away with running flat tops or even 90-94 pistons and still be balanced? I know the 99-2000 cranks are actually lightened and aren't compatible with the heavier pistons, but are the 98 8 bolt cranks okay with...
  12. PlumCrazy

    4.0 V.S. Expo V8 Radiator

    Is there any difference between the dual core 4.0 radiator and a 5.0 rad? I noticed the tank on my radiator has a bulge and has some cracks in the support ribs. Before I pull the trigger on another 4.0 rad Id like to see what other options are out there.
  13. PlumCrazy

    Soft Touch interior paint

    Does anyone know where to get something similar to the coating used on the 95+ radio bezels and Expo center consoles? I found one place, but they want $240 for the resin, hardener, and thinner...I don't need 2 qts of it either. http://www.alsacorp.com/products/softtouch/softtouch.htm
  14. PlumCrazy

    PlumCrazy's F-1Fiddy Build

    I suppose I should start a thread for the ole full size. My Civic was totaled out when a truck ran me off the highway around Christmas...so I was in need of new DD. I was already planning on picking up a tow pig in the near future anyway. So...I bought this gem. 1986 F-150 XL, 5.0/C6 2wd...
  15. PlumCrazy

    TRS Lanyards and merch

    Are these still out there and available? Mine looks pretty ratty and tattered and I wouldn't mind replacing it if someone was still selling them. Also, Jim, When will you have more med t shirts available? Have you considered having some hoodies made? I would be interested in both.
  16. PlumCrazy

    NE Ohio members.....

    Planning on a Nov 2 run at Southington Off road Park. Kind of a last minute notice, but it would be nice to see a few RBVs out there besides myself and the B2.lol Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  17. PlumCrazy

    Saginaw Power Steering Pump

    Does anyone have a Saginaw pump (any old Saginaw will work) laying around that they could pop the pressure fitting off of and pop out the bypass/relief valve and measure the diameter of the machined lands for me? I need to find out by 4:00. Thanks. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  18. PlumCrazy

    Dual tanks

    Did they ever put dual fuel tanks in a 93+ 6' bed Ranger? I need a second gas door for my new bed design, and before I go welding in a second flap I figured I would see if a dual fuel door bedside already existed. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  19. PlumCrazy

    Cobra Transmission

    Awesome place to deal with when it comes to anything you need for a RBV transmission or transfer case rebuild. They sell OEM bearings for whatever you are building at a fraction of the dealerships price. Ex. M5R1 pocket bearing. Very common bearing to go out. Dealer list $38.99 ("best he...
  20. PlumCrazy

    Best head gaskets for boosted 4.0 OHV

    I am in the parts gathering phase of a boosted OHV. Planning on running 95TM heads with head studs and pushing 5-6 psi. What head gaskets are ideal? My brother is in the import game and recommended Cometic, but they dont make anything for the 4.0. Tom Morona sells some gaskets that I am sure...

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