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  1. Mr99Ranger

    rotational front end clicking

    i have a 91 ranger 4x4, 2.9, 5 speed with manual hubs and t case. When i turn left and only when i turn feft there is a rotational clicking sound coming from the left front wheel. It isnt like a grinding or anything, sounds almost like when you get a nail in the tire or a rock in the tread...
  2. Mr99Ranger

    2.9 v6 runs on 4.9 i6 pcm!

    so my truck started running like hell the other day and after replacing the map sensor and yevking all the wire harnesses and connections i tracked down my issue to the pcm. When i turned on the key to on with the orig. pcm the fuel pump just kept running and i could hear fuel flowing through...
  3. Mr99Ranger

    91 ranger wont run right

    ok so im considering buying another ranger after having sold my 99 over a year ago now. The problem is that the truck wont run right and me and the owner cant figure out why. the truck will start, but idles extremely rough and check engine light flicks on and off as the engine tries to die out...
  4. Mr99Ranger

    Horrible pinging

    My dads isusu trooper with the 3.2 dohc v6 makes an awful noise sort of like a SUPER loud ping anywhere above 2500 RPm. Its worse on hills and only does it when the engines under pressure, not when revving in neutral, etc. Its constant at interstate speeds and i know it cant be good but cant...
  5. Mr99Ranger

    Possible new truck....what yall think

    Want to go look at this if i can scrape the cash together. real nice truck called about it its got a 7.3 non turbo idi in it and an e40d. truck has 133k and new brakes, lines, tires, and fender wells. hes asking $3,800 but i bet i could get it for 3,500.
  6. Mr99Ranger

    Sold my ranger

    Sold the 99 ranger that my accounts named for. Lookin for an N/A idi diesel now.
  7. Mr99Ranger

    Letting the ranger go.

    Well I've decided to sell my 99 Ranger. I really do need a full size for the work i do anyway and the ranger just aint gonna cut it. I bought the truck for 4800 dollars about 3 years ago and have put around 20,000 miles on it. It now has 112k and the tranny's getting tired fast. the 2-3 shift...
  8. Mr99Ranger

    86 Ranger RV Ford Sportsman!

    How rare are these things? http://www.use.com/df2bf7b8dba28621fdf9?p=1#photo=1 http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/rvs/1967676404.html
  9. Mr99Ranger


    problem fixed
  10. Mr99Ranger


    Tinnitus, I got it, do any of you? Just figured I'd ask, and if any of y'all need help dealing with it, I can give you some tips.
  11. Mr99Ranger


    Any of you all into biking? Not to be eco-friendly like those liberal faggots on commuter bikes, but for sport and fun. If so, post details on your ride here, or PM me. Heres a little info. on my 2 bikes. I got a 1990 Giant Kronos lugged Cr-Mo frame roadbike. It was practically NOS with less...
  12. Mr99Ranger

    1.5 ton ranger

    What did they do, an f-250 leaf pack or something? I've never seen a ranger with the back end that high in the air......ever Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1994-Ford-Ranger-XL-Plow-Truck_W0QQitemZ260559324558QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Cars_Trucks?hash=item3caa8bc58e#ht_2842wt_1165
  13. Mr99Ranger

    Help, fellow TRS members.

    I need two v.i.n. numbers run through carfax, if anyone has the unlimited reports, could you please do so? Autocheck would work just great too! They are as follows..... 1FTEX14N8TKA40705 and 1FTHX26F0VEB03645 As usual, all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Mr99Ranger

    2.9 vs 3.0 tug of war.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA6J7DW3ovk Sweet vid. filmed at davidsfarm of an 86 2.9 vs an 04 3.0. They were equally matched for pulling, but the 3.0 was redlining whereas that tired old 2.9 was just taking it all in stride! Just more proof the cologne v6 owns the vulcan any day!
  15. Mr99Ranger

    Sway bar

    My sway bar links both broke off at the top where they bolt to the sway bar. As a tempo. fix, I pushed the sway bar up to where it would be when the front suspension was fully bottomed out. So far, I am not really missing my sway bar, mainly because it seems that individual wheel travel is much...
  16. Mr99Ranger

    Idle question & near stall

    Hello, had a question on the idle speed on my 99 Ranger supercab. It idles around 1,000 RPM when warm and in park, and around 750 when in drive and stopped. Is this the proper speed? my 2000 runs about 900 in park and it also runs around 750 when in drive stopped. Does my 99 idle a bit too high...
  17. Mr99Ranger

    New Truck.

    I bought a second ranger. It is a 2000 reg. cab 4x4 4.0 auto with 105k. It is in much better mechanical condition than my 99 ex. cab which has bad rotors, pads, and seized caliper pins on both sides. This truck, though, has a perfect brake system, is really quick, and has a 4:10 limited slip...
  18. Mr99Ranger


    I'm looking at a 2000 Ranger, how can I easily tell if its pvh or not?
  19. Mr99Ranger


    Anyone on here have the unlimited carfax reports? I know some people who have bought this because it is not much more expensive than buying a simgle report. So I thought this could be a thread for those who want to view a carfax for trucks we are looking at but are too cheap to pay. So what do...
  20. Mr99Ranger

    Long bed ex. cab.

    Has anyone ever done a long bed extended cab conversion? Just wondering because thats what my brain does when it's bored.

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